Pixel Wallet: mining PXLs token in Telegram for the SocialFi ecosystem

Pixel Wallet: mining PXLs token in Telegram for the SocialFi ecosystem

Pixel Wallet is a Telegram bot application that develops its own ecosystem. Its goal is to create a decentralized SocialFi network.

Similarly with the sensational miner wallet Wave Wallet The developers worked hard on the miner to reward active users and attract new users.

In the Pixel Wallet bot, you will mine the PXLs token, which will most likely become the main medium of exchange in the new ecosystem. As well as in Near Wallet, it will be possible to use the token to:

  • pay a commission;
  • make exchanges;
  • buy other tokens.

Mining PXLs: how to start?

The whole process consists of the following simple steps:

  1. Login to the bot Pixel Wallet Telegram. To do this, click Create New Wallet.
  2. Save a seed phrase that consists of 12 words. Further, the wallet will not show it, only the private key. At this stage, your wallet is created on the SGB network.
  3. You can open the miner's page using the public key and the MINING button, which are contained on the main page. This is where PXLs will be accumulated in Storage. It is important to remember to log in and CLAIM PXLs from time to time.

You can upgrade Storage and Drill for PXLs in Builds. It is recommended to upgrade immediately when you have accumulated a sufficient number of coins. The first two levels are Drill, then Storage. There is also Inventory, in which you can use items in slots. They drop out once a week in the form of NFTs if you brand at least once a day.

PXLs mining process

Pixel Wallet is a very real prospect. The token mining process is being improved. To do this, you need to buy upgrades for mining speed and storage size. You also need to pay a transaction fee (gas).

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Users receive one transaction for free every day. In addition, bonuses in the form of free transactions can be received when completing social tasks. This could be subscriptions to the channel, reposts. Available quests in Pixel Wallet are located in the Quests menu. In the absence of free transactions, SGB tokens are used as payment for gas.

Referral system

In a programme Pixel Wallet There is a referral program, as well as rewards for mining PXLs of friends you invite. The system works without problems, there have been no complaints from users.

Is it worth starting?

To understand at what stage the project is at, it’s worth looking at its so-called RoadMap.

Pixel Wallet's 2024 roadmap includes several key milestones and features aimed at improving the platform and user experience.

The following important developments were completed in the first quarter of 2024: Exchanger v2, a new multi-pool farm and an AI multi-pool farm analyzer. Pixel Wallet itself was also launched during this period. In the second quarter, we plan to complete work on P2P exchange, implement a bridge, and introduce additional features such as Pixel Extractor and Pixel Forge, which are still in development.

In the third quarter, the focus will be on the launch of Pixel Wars v.1, the creation of an NFT marketplace, NFT staking, and the borrowing protocol. These developments are aimed at expanding the ecosystem and introducing more interactive and financial features for users.

By the fourth quarter, it is planned to introduce community ratings, an AI market researcher and the launch of a decentralized forum (DeForum). The roadmap continues through early 2025, with the intention of creating a network of metaverses using Digital Soul's DID technology and further integrating PixelAI for gamified support and education​.

We can conclude that the Pixel Wallet application was launched quite recently, so there are various bonuses and privileges for early users. If you study the experience Near Wallet, then we can conclude that the promotion model is functioning perfectly.

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