Time TON Ecosystem in Telegram: convenient and mobile mining every 8 hours

Time TON Ecosystem on Telegram

Time TON Ecosystem bot is a project that has similarities with popular games like Blum, Hamster Combat и Catizen, but has additional benefits. Users can collect currency every 8 hours, making it affordable and easy to use. Time Ton can be used anywhere, providing not only convenience, but also mobility of the mining process.

How to start playing Time TON Ecosystem?

Time TON Ecosystem on Telegram

Launching a bot is easy and simple. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Release Time TON Ecosystem bot. Click the "Start" button in the bot to launch it.
  2. Create an account. After launch, create an account by clicking on the “Create Account” button.
  3. Activation of mining. To start mining, press the “Activate” button on the interactive clock. They show the time until the next collection of currency and add a game element to the process.
  4. Collecting currency. After 8 hours, return to the bot and click “Claim” to collect the accumulated coins. Don't forget to activate mining again for the next collection.

Time TON Ecosystem: earn Coins without Investments

Time TON Ecosystem on Telegram

Time TON Ecosystem offers several exciting ways to earn additional PTS:

  1. Complete tasks on social networks, subscribe to various channels and receive additional PTS coins for this.
  2. Invite your friends through the referral program and receive 10% of their earned coins, as well as 10% of the coins collected by their referrals. Just click "Invite Friends" and share your referral link.


Time TON Ecosystem on Telegram

Time TON Ecosystem also provides unique ways to earn money, including special tasks and bonuses for active participation. This encourages users to be active and engaged.


Time TON Ecosystem on Telegram

Time TON Ecosystem may become one of the leading projects in the field of cryptocurrency bots for Telegram. This bot offers an easy way to earn money without the need for large time or financial investments. Thanks to its accessibility and ease of use, Time Ton can attract a wide audience of users who are looking for additional earning opportunities in the world of digital entertainment.

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Don't miss the opportunity and good luck to you!

Time TON Ecosystem on Telegram

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