Choosing a gynecological chair


The first gynecological chairs could not boast of comfort and safety, leaving patients with unpleasant impressions. However, with the passage of time and the development of technology, the situation has changed dramatically.

Today we are faced with innovative models that combine not only ergonomics, but also a high level of safety. Armchairs with electric or hydraulic drive, as well as adjustable sections and height, have become standard among modern models.

Choosing a gynecological chair is an important step for any medical institution. A suitable chair not only ensures comfort and safety during procedures, but also improves the efficiency of doctors.

When choosing a model, you should consider several key criteria that determine its functionality and practicality.

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One of the key features is the chair drive. Models with electric drive provide silent and smooth adjustment without disturbing the patient's comfort.

This is especially important during long procedures where every detail matters to ensure a comfortable position. It should also be noted that the adjustment of the chair sections allows you to customize it to the individual characteristics of both the patient and the doctor.

Key Components for Comfort

To ensure the comfort and safety of patients, modern gynecological chairs use various components. Special handles, footrests and armrests guarantee stability and prevent patients from falling. This is especially true when carrying out procedures that require special care and precision.

An equally important aspect is the choice of materials for the upholstery and covering of the chair sections.

Polyurethane upholstery with “shape memory” provides maximum comfort during procedures, and a special coating of sections guarantees durability and ease of care of the chair. Thanks to these characteristics, patients can feel comfortable and confident when visiting a gynecologist.

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Variety of drives and their features

There are several types of drives that provide adjustment of gynecological chairs. Electric and hydraulic drives are considered the most convenient and functional, allowing you to precisely adjust the position of the chair for each patient. While the pneumomechanical and rostomat are used for individual settings, such as changing the angle of inclination.

The choice of drive depends on the needs of the clinic and the preferences of doctors. An electric drive provides maximum comfort and ease of use, while a hydraulic drive can be more economical to operate.

It is also important to consider the ability to adjust the chair during the examination to ensure maximum levels of patient comfort and safety.

Stationary and mobile chairs

When choosing a gynecological chair, you need to consider its type and functionality. Stationary models are usually preferred due to their functionality and reliability, while mobile chairs provide greater flexibility in use.

It is also important to pay attention to the maximum load and the ability to adjust the chair to ensure patient comfort.

Regardless of the choice of model, the main thing is that the gynecological chair meets all safety and comfort requirements for both patients and doctors.

Choosing the right chair helps create a favorable atmosphere in the clinic and increases the level of trust on the part of patients.

Functionality and customization

One of the main criteria when choosing a gynecological chair is its functionality and customization. Models with adjustable sections and height provide convenience for both patients and doctors.

It is important that the chair can be easily and accurately adjusted to perform various procedures, and can also be conveniently adjusted to the individual characteristics of each patient.


Safety is another important aspect to consider when choosing a gynecological chair. Models with a stable design, special handles and footrests ensure reliability and prevent possible injury to patients during procedures.

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It is also worth paying attention to the materials used to make the chair, so that they are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

Quality and service

Durability and ease of care are also important characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing a gynecological chair.

Models with durable metal construction and high-quality upholstery materials ensure long service life and minimal maintenance costs.

In addition, the covering of the chair sections must be easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants to ensure maximum hygiene in the healthcare facility.


Choosing a gynecological chair is a responsible decision that affects the comfort and safety of both patients and medical staff. A correctly selected model not only ensures the effectiveness of procedures, but also creates a favorable atmosphere in the clinic.

When choosing a chair, consider its functionality, safety, comfort and durability to ensure optimal working and healthcare conditions.

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