Aerated concrete block "Stonelight": the best choice for modern construction

Aerated concrete block "Stonelight": the best choice for modern construction

In the field of building materials, new technologies are constantly emerging that improve the quality and efficiency of construction. One of them is gas block "Stonelight". Created on the basis of cellular concrete, it is a good alternative to traditional building materials.

Read more about what a Stonelight gas block is

This is a type of cellular concrete in which spherical pores are filled with air and evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of the block. This feature gives the material lightness, but at the same time provides high strength and thermal insulation properties. The main components used in the production of aerated concrete blocks: cement, specialized gas generator and quartz sand. In addition, the material may contain lime, industrial waste (such as ash and slag) and gypsum. You can order it on the website

Advantages of building materials

Among them are:

  • Ease. The material has a low density due to its porous structure, which makes it lightweight, easy to handle and transport. This significantly simplifies the construction process and reduces the load on the foundation.
  • Strength. Despite its lightness, the Stonelight aerated block has high strength, which makes it a reliable and durable material for construction. It is able to withstand significant mechanical loads and ensure the stability of structures.
  • Thermal insulation. The porous structure significantly improves the thermal insulation properties of the material. This reduces heating and air conditioning costs, making it an ideal choice for energy efficient buildings.
  • Soundproofing. Due to its structure, the gas block has excellent soundproofing characteristics, which helps create a comfortable and quiet indoor environment.
  • Environmental friendliness. Natural and recyclable materials are used in production.

Where applicable

The material is widely in demand in various construction areas. You can purchase on favorable terms gas block in Brovary. It is suitable for construction:

  • Residential buildings. Due to its thermal insulation and sound insulation properties, it is an ideal material for the construction of residential buildings and apartments.
  • Industrial facilities. Suitable for the construction of warehouses, workshops and other production facilities.
  • Public buildings. The cost-effectiveness, strength and energy efficiency of Stonelight aerated block make it an excellent choice for the construction of public buildings such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers.
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Stonelight gas block is a building material that has many advantages and is distinguished by a wide range of applications.

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