How to choose and buy an electric boiler: advantages, tips and selection criteria

How to choose and buy an electric boiler: advantages, tips and selection criteria

Electric boilers are one of the most modern and efficient heating methods for residential buildings, apartments and commercial premises. If you're looking for a new source of heat, electric boilers may be the ideal choice. In this article we will talk about the key advantages of electric boilers, selection criteria and purchasing recommendations, which will help buy electric boiler no problem for you.

Types of electric boilers

On the heating systems market you can find various types of boilers, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages. In addition to electric boilers, gas and solid fuel boilers are popular. Let's look at the different boiler options and their features.

Types of boilers:

  1. Electric boilers: Convenient to use, easy to install and maintain, suitable for small and medium-sized spaces. They produce no harmful emissions and provide precise temperature control.
  2. Gas fired boilers: Can be efficient and economical if you have access to a gas network. Such boilers are most often installed in private homes.
  3. Solid fuel boilers: They operate on various types of solid fuels such as wood, coal or pellets. These boilers are especially popular in regions with access to inexpensive fuel sources. If you are planning buy a solid fuel boiler in Ukraine, ensure that fuel and a suitable storage system are available.

Advantages of electric boilers

  1. Environmental friendliness: The operation of electric boilers is based on the use of electricity, which does not lead to emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. This is a great option for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.
  2. Compact: Electric boilers are small in size and can be placed in tight spaces or even inside a cabinet, unlike bulky gas boilers.
  3. Ease of installation: Installation of electric boilers is quick and simple, without requiring major construction work, as is the case with gas boilers.
  4. Temperature control: Modern automation in electric boilers ensures precise maintenance of the desired temperature, creating cozy indoor conditions.
  5. Safety: Electric boilers do not use flammable materials or open flames, which makes them safer than other types of boilers.
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Criteria for choosing an electric boiler

When choosing an electric boiler, pay attention to several important parameters:

  • Power: Calculate the required power based on the area and insulation level of your property. Larger areas will require more power.
  • Efficiency: High coefficient of performance (COP) indicates optimal performance and reduced energy costs.
  • Control: Electric boilers can be equipped with a variety of control functions, including programmable timers and remote access via smartphone.
  • Manufacturer: Choose a well-known and reliable brand with a good reputation.
  • Warranty: Please note the manufacturer's warranty and support services.

How to purchase an electric boiler

  1. Study the market: Check out the offers of different manufacturers, compare their prices and characteristics.
  2. Consult an Expert: If in doubt, seek expert advice.
  3. Select a model: Decide on the model that best suits your needs and budget.
  4. Place your order: Make a purchase from a reliable seller, pay attention to the terms of delivery and installation.
  5. Installation: After delivery of the equipment, invite a professional to install and configure the boiler.
  6. Checking operation: After installation, make sure that the boiler operates correctly and efficiently.


According to our partners from, purchasing an electric boiler is a serious and responsible decision that requires careful analysis and preparation. Be sure to do your research and take expert advice to make the right choice.

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