The main songs of the world championships in football. 2006: Shakira and Hips Don't Lie

The main songs of the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the most important event in the number one game. The tournament is watched by more than a billion people, it is covered in all the media and generates a lot of money, and a huge number of bets are placed on the World Cup matches. Today, you can interact with the bookmaker through just a smartphone. And download the application Mostbet for android you can follow the link. But, among other things, each World Cup has its own title song.  

Shakira seems to be created in order to record tracks for the World Cup. She did this long before she met Gerard Pique. For the first time the song became the unofficial anthem of the championship in 2006. The track helped take off the case. Wyclef Jean set out to bring the legendary XNUMXs trio The Fugees back to life. Music lovers will definitely remember this hip-hop group from their cover of the song Killing Me Softly and the banger Ready or Not. Although the reincarnation of the group did not work out, Wyclef decided that the song Lips Don't Lie ("Lips do not lie") would be perfect for Shakira.

In the Colombian version, lips (Lips) turned into hips (Hips), and the track called Hips Don't Lie became a worldwide hit. Shakira and Jean performed it at the stadium in Berlin before the final match between France and Italy.

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