Telegram: what is it and how to use it

Telegram - what is it and how to use it

Telegram is a popular messenger that allows users to communicate in chats, groups, and channels. Telegram was created in 2013 by Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov. The messenger quickly gained popularity and currently has over 1 billion active users worldwide.

What is Telegram

Telegram is a messenger that allows users to communicate in chats, groups and channels. Telegram allows you to send text messages, photos, videos, audio, documents and files of any format. The messenger also allows you to make voice and video calls, create bots and integrate with other applications.

History of creation

Telegram was created in 2013 by Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov. The Durov brothers were co-founders of the VKontakte social network, which they left in 2014 due to disagreements with shareholders. Telegram was created as an alternative to other messengers, which, according to Pavel Durov, did not provide the proper level of security and privacy.

Installation and registration

Telegram can be installed on a computer, smartphone or tablet. To install the messenger, you need to go to the Telegram website and download the application for your device. After installing the application, you need to create an account by entering your phone number.

Main functions of Telegram

  • Sending text messages
  • Sending photos, videos, audio and documents
  • Create chats, groups and channels
  • Voice and video calls
  • Creation of bots
  • Integration with other applications

Security and privacy

Telegram provides a high degree of protection of correspondence and user data. All messages in Telegram are encrypted using end-to-end encryption. This means that messages can only be read by the sender and recipient. Telegram also does not store any chat history on its servers.

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Channels and bots

Telegram has a channels feature that allows users to post content and news to a wide audience. Channels can be open or closed. Public channels can be read by anyone, while private channels can only be read by people who have been added by the channel owner.

Telegram also has the feature of bots, which are small programs that can perform various tasks. Bots can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sending out newsletters, ordering a taxi, or booking tables in a restaurant.

Integration with other applications

Telegram can be integrated with other apps such as Slack, Twitter, and Google Calendar. This allows users to use Telegram to communicate with users of other applications.

Secret chats and self-destructing messages

Telegram has a feature called secret chats that are designed to provide increased privacy. In Secret Chats, messages are encrypted using end-to-end encryption and deleted from users' devices after being read.

Telegram also has a self-destructing messages feature that allows users to send messages that are deleted from users' devices after a set amount of time.

Updates and new features

Telegram is constantly updated and new features appear. Some of the latest updates include:

  • Ability to send messages with a delay
  • Ability to create group video chats
  • Ability to create channels with an unlimited number of subscribers
  • Ability to integrate with other apps such as Google Drive and Dropbox


Telegram is a powerful messenger that offers a lot of features and functionality to its users. Telegram is easy to use, secure and private. If you are looking for a messenger that will suit you for communication and work, then Telegram is a great choice.

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