Power as the main criterion for selection

 Based on current technical realities, an assistant for cleaning a garden or yard is not a relative who has come to help, but a powerful and easy-to-use garden vacuum cleaner. Every year, the design of the equipment is refined and improved by manufacturers, but the name remains the same - blower or garden vacuum cleaner. Such equipment copes better than any rake with fallen leaves and any similar debris, quickly and efficiently making your yard clean, without disturbing the soil and its structure.

Power as the main criterion for selection

If there is a large area, it is the power of the unit that contributes to the quality of work. Such models are capable of working for a long period of time in intensive mode, without experiencing overloads and without causing the tool to overheat. Turbines mounted on powerful gasoline blowers are capable of developing an air flow of about 1400 cubic meters per hour, which is quite enough to sweep away any type of debris in its path. Such units are also effective in winter, helping to clear snow.

Air flow rate

This is also an important characteristic that should be taken into account. Most light and small models have an air flow rate of 600 to 1000 cubic meters per hour. The market is represented by electric and gasoline units that have a relatively low cost. This blowing speed indicator is quite enough to perform any household or garden cleaning.

Modes of operation

More universal models have several operating modes:

  1. Blowing Some manufacturing companies produce models exclusively with the blowing function. Such models are cheap, of sufficient quality and have a very narrow scope of application.
  2. Blowing and blowing. Units that are more complex in layout and cost. The blowing function allows the device to work similar to a vacuum cleaner. The set of such devices includes a garbage collection bag and replaceable attachments for reverse.
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Blower types

  1. Manual. Available in electric and petrol versions with a modern design, light weight, ergonomic and easy to use.
  2. Backpacks. They are worn on the shoulders, like a backpack, for greater ease of transportation. The engines of similarly configured models are exclusively gasoline, and they only work to blow air.
  3. Wheeled ones are ideal devices for large-scale cleaning. Also available only with petrol units. It is used for cleaning large areas, gardens and parks. Such devices are characterized by a volumetric grass catcher

(up to 200 l), wide pipe and the presence of all operating modes.

Where to buy a blower inexpensively in Kyiv?

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