Where to perform a quick and high-quality repair of a gyroboard

Where to perform a quick and high-quality repair of a gyroboard

Gyroboards, as an individual means of transportation, were positively assessed by residents of cities and towns. The device allows you to quickly get to your destination, without having to be in a cramped minibus.

At the same time, each technique requires the replacement of worn parts, periodically fails due to inaccurate operation.

Features of gyroboard repair

The design of the gyroboard includes a mechanical and electronic part, a complex multi-component stuffing. Perform repairs at home, using a screwdriver and a soldering iron will not work. This requires special equipment and experienced craftsmen.

Fast and high-quality repair of gyroboards in Kiev is carried out by the Citrus Service company. Service benefits:

  • Convenient location of centers in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Odessa, Nikolaev, Chernomorsk.
  • Many years of experience of employees allows us to cope with any problem.
  • When working, modern equipment, original spare parts are used, thanks to this, repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Every type of repair comes with a warranty.
  • Payment is made in cash and non-cash way, including installments.
  • Each client can use the courier service, he will pick up and bring the equipment to the specified address.

Branches of the Citrus Service company are located not only in Kiev, but also in many large cities of the country. Residents of small villages are offered a convenient delivery service of the transport company Nova Poshta. All that needs to be done is to send the defective device to the address indicated on the site and receive the repaired equipment.

When to call for service

Each vehicle requires compliance with operating recommendations, periodic diagnostics, and replacement of worn parts. When using a gyroboard, it is important not to overload the equipment, if there is no waterproofing, and not to use the device at high humidity.

The most common problems occur:

  • due to the deterioration of the battery;
  • in the control system;
  • due to damage to the hull;
  • software failures;
  • due to other reasons.

If any malfunction occurs, for the safety of moving, you should immediately contact the service. This will avoid a more serious breakdown and save the budget.

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The Citrus Service company performs express repairs within one day, information about the list of services, addresses of branches is on the website. If you have any questions, use the help of service consultants.

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