Smart home controller - what it should be

A house in which everything is fully automated is gradually becoming a reality. Your small apartment or spacious country house can also be "smart" and fulfill all wishes. The main element in such a system was smart home controller. It is with the choice of this device that you should start.

What's first?

First of all, you need to clearly understand what exactly you want to get and what features you will use. Then determine the amount that you can spend on this pleasure. Well, in the end, evaluate the dimensions of the house and think about whether you calculated the first two points correctly.

Now it's time to choose the "brain", that is, the controller. It is he who will distribute commands to all other devices and execute the program you have laid down. There are several types of communication between the controller and the host:

  • fixed Internet (computer);
  • mobile phone;
  • radio transmitter.

If you are often at home, any option is suitable, but if not, it would be better to stop using smartphone control.

Controller and control systems

The controller can be very powerful and execute the programmed program alone, i.e. control everything at the same time. smart sensors, processes and devices. But also all this work can be divided into several devices. Hence, there are two types of control:

  1. Centralized. Everything is controlled by one controller. But in this case, it will be some kind of smart and very powerful device with advanced functionality. Such models have their own operating system and remote access module. Such controllers are mounted on the wall, the outer part is presented in the form of a screen with control buttons. You can directly set the options you need.
  2. decentralized. Suitable for very large houses, where there are many rooms and tasks for the computer. Tasks are distributed to several simple controllers. For example, some are responsible for light, others for security, others for motion sensors. Or install one small and simple controller for several rooms.
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The first option is much more expensive, but it can make your home really smart and comfortable.

Interesting "chips" of controllers

What can the controller in your home control:

  1. Lighting inside the house, on the street, as well as in all other buildings that are located on the site.
  2. Climate control, that is, maintaining the optimum temperature in the room.
  3. Opening and closing doors, windows, blocking locks, gate control.
  4. TV, speaker systems, electric fireplace and any other similar devices.
  5. Opening and closing curtains, blinds, sun blinds.

And that's not all that's possible with the "right" controller. Another point is a time-tested trademark that can confidently give a good guarantee for its products. Be patient and choose your controller carefully, because it can significantly simplify all your tasks around the house.

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