MSL Online Casino: Golden Cup and its Lotomats

In many countries of the post-Soviet space, casino activities are completely or partially prohibited. In Ukraine, betting is also not allowed. But there is an option to get legal winnings if you take part in national lotteries organized by the MSL operator. Among them is the UNL Golden Cup, which operates as a website. There is a wide variety of lotto machines that meet the requirements of local legislation. At the same time, no one will find bets on sports or other types of gambling entertainment on the Gold cup.

Site Features

In its appearance, the online Golden Cup is no different. Conventionally, it can be divided into several parts. At the top of the page are sections with useful information and login buttons. The central zone is reserved for an assortment of slots. Golden Cup slot machines are represented by well-known developments and novelties from the world's best providers, which have received recognition in the gambling world. The lower part is reserved for information related to the activities of the site and recommendations for players on how to get only benefit from playing slots.

Simple at the casino golden cup registrationattracting a large number of newcomers. To enter the closed area of ​​the site, you need to come up with a username and password. Personal information can be entered immediately before the withdrawal of money from the account. If you wish, you can also enter the Golden Cup through one of the social networks where you already have a verified account. And immediately after that, replenishment of the deposit and the game for real money will become available. Also, for testing, you can always play Golden Cup slots in demo mode. Although it will not give real winnings, it will save personal funds.

Differences between lotos and slots

It is worth noting that Golden Cup slots are more correctly called lotos. They differ from the usual slot machines:

  • There are no stakes here. Gamblers buy lottery tickets for each draw.
  • There are no usual spins. Each spin of the reels is a drawing in the draw for the purchased ticket.
  • The reels do not spin, but give out sets of balls with symbols or numbers, from which winning combinations are formed.
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At the same time, the design of slot machines in the Golden Cup casino is familiar. They are represented by classics and novelties from the best manufacturers. They also support bonus rounds, if they were originally provided by the developers. It is also worth noting the increased percentage of returns, which is why the Gold Cup online can be considered more profitable than other similar sites.

Nice bonuses for all gamblers

For beginners, Goldcup has prepared pleasant prizes in the form of bonuses for the first 4 deposits. Their size can be from 100% to 150%. Only each of them needs to be activated in your account. And the bonus is valid only on the deposit, the order of which is indicated in it. At the same time, the Golden Cup National Lottery sets low wagers that make wagering accessible and understandable.

The Golden Cup casino also supports regular players. A special club has been created for them, in which each of the gamblers has their own rating. The higher it is, the more privileges a person receives. As a result, they can count on a priority withdrawal of money, an increased cashback, and discounts on wagers. Also, such club members receive more free lottery tickets with a prize fund without a wager. See for yourself that Golden Cup slot machines provide a real opportunity to win on your favorite machines with bets in national currency without the need to exchange money at unfavorable rates.

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