IT courses in Kharkov

To sign up for computer IT courses in Kharkov, visit this section of the electronic catalog of the main information and entertainment portal of the city It contains a complete list of all city organizations and educational institutions that teach Kharkiv skills in programming languages. The section contains ratings of companies and reviews left by former students. In their comments, users share their opinion about the quality of educational programs and the professionalism of teachers.

Programming languages ​​for mobile application development

If you want to find a job in the specialty "mobile application developer", then sign up for IT courses in Kharkov, which teach programming languages ​​for the mobile operating system you are interested in:

  1. To create mobile apps for iPhone or iPad, the only language you need to know is Swift. It is developed by Apple for iOS. Released in 2014, Swift is a very powerful language that allows you to program for almost all Apple devices. Knowing it, you can also program applications for Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
  2. Recently, Android app development has become more popular than IOS. Android is based on Java, making it very easy to get started if you already have experience with the language.
  3. Finally, there is also Windows Phone. A Windows mobile system based on C#, one of the Microsoft languages. C# programming is considered to be a very valuable skill required for Windows development.

Currently, the boundary between programming for mobile devices and computers is gradually blurring. Languages ​​are divided not into mobile and stationary, but into ecosystems (Microsoft, Google and Apple). Google has even created its own Go language, which may replace Java with Android in the future.

Languages ​​for computer software

The same languages ​​can be used to develop mobile and desktop applications. If you are interested in Windows software development, then you should focus on C#. To write cross-platform programs, you will need to enroll in Java computer courses. If you want to work with the Mac operating system, consider Swift.

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There are also serious web solutions for creating cross-platform programs using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript, such as, for example, Electron.

It is believed that Python is the most useful language that you can learn in IT courses in Kharkiv. Python is like a multifunctional pocket knife of programming languages, designed for general use.

The strength of Python is that it has many free libraries focused on data analysis. One of them, Pandas, makes it easy to import information from spreadsheets or analyze datasets sorted by time.

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