What is a browser? Why is it needed on a computer, what key functions does it perform

What is a browser? Why is it needed on a computer, what key functions does it perform

Many of those users who are new to the use of a computer and other modern devices are wondering what a browser means. In this review, we will talk about what is hidden behind this tricky word, and why exactly a modern person cannot do without a browser.


First of all, we note that the browser is a special program designed to search for information on the global Internet. Also, with its help, you can download various files, visit sites, watch videos; that's what the browser does for each user. First, of course, this program must be installed on your computer.

It is worth downloading browsers from official sites that provide users with the opportunity to use browsers for free.

If you download a new program from anywhere, then there is a risk of infecting your computer with a virus program. It is also not uncommon for a number of unnecessary programs to be downloaded to the user's device along with the software - for example, all kinds of games, pop-up windows, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to download the program from trusted sites. To do this, go to the official portal of the selected browser and download the program from there, following the instructions provided by the developer.

Speaking about what exactly such a program as a browser is required for, we note that it acts as an intermediary between the user and the Internet network. Web pages on the Web are made up of code. When they are displayed using the browser, the user has the opportunity to see the finished image. After all, the browser program is a special assistant that processes the code with the help of an explorer and, thus, plays the role of a browser.

The main function

In reality, the browser performs many different functions; but speaking about the main ones (besides browsing the web), it is worth highlighting three of them:

  • Storing user passwords.
  • Fixing the search history - in order to make it easier to visit the necessary sites later.
  • The ability to store the addresses of various web pages in bookmarks so that searches are faster.
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Various browsers support the ability to install add-ons, with the help of which user functionality is significantly expanded. Browser extensions provide virtually unlimited possibilities in creating convenient functionality - these can be all kinds of visual themes, online translators, and various informers. You can customize the display of the weather forecast, exchange rates, news.

The main types of modern browsers

Speaking about what a browser is, it is also worth noting another interesting feature: you can download as many browsers as you like on one computer (laptop, tablet, etc.). Usually, users stop at one of the programs that seems to be the most convenient. But first, you can try a few different conductors.

Browsers such as Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi and other programs are now popular. They are easy to use and allow you to meet the individual needs of Internet users.

The question of what the Google browser is called is also popular. We answer: such a browser is called Google Chrome. It is worth noting that this program is currently the leader among user preferences. Google Chrome is fast and easy to use. But other browsers are also popular:

  • For example, Mozilla is considered user-friendly for those who place a high value on privacy.
  • Opera is famous for its high-quality ad blocking features.
  • Vivaldi is known for its eye-catching, eye-catching designs.
  • Microsoft Edge allows you to download native extensions as well as extensions from the Google Chrome store.

Choose browsers of your choice, use them, download extensions - and then your Internet search will be fast, convenient and useful.

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