Features of craft packages

Sterilization of medical and manicure instruments must be carried out strictly in accordance with all the rules and using special consumables. These products should be comfortable and practical. Buy craft packages (https://thepilochki.ua/craft-packages/) in our online store and evaluate their comfort, uniqueness, and most importantly, environmental friendliness. These consumables have an extensive scope, in order to understand this, you need to know their features.

For the production of kraft bags, only ecological raw materials are taken. In the process of cooking wood processing products, products are obtained from rigid kraft paper. They are non-toxic, very durable and easy to process.

For sterilization of medical instruments, kraft paper is used, which has the following properties:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Such packages are absolutely safe for the environment, as they easily rot. They can also be recycled.   
  2. Strength. Due to the high density, the paper can withstand a lot of weight. Also, this material is very resistant to wear.     
  3. Air exchange. The perforation on the bag allows air to get inside.   
  4. Moisture resistance. Keeps the tool from getting wet.
  5. Universal design. Attractive and presentable.       

Rules for sterilizing instruments in kraft bags

Instruments that come into contact with human mucosa and blood require complete sterility during various procedures. Such requirements are met by craft packages for sterilization, with the help of which they process manicure and medical instruments from harmful microorganisms. Before use, you must read the instructions and in no case reuse them. So, consumables must be in every beauty salon for every self-respecting master.

There are different types of sterilization. And for each type of equipment, certain craft packages are needed, which the ThePilochki online store offers to buy. https://thepilochki.ua/. For the steam method, products that are permeable to air and means for sterilization are used, which will reliably protect against the ingress of microorganisms inside. 

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After the process is completed, the appearance of the craft package remains unchanged. Sterility inside it remains for a long time. All instruments that have undergone sterilization must be stored in a kraft bag, and they should be taken out immediately before the start of the procedure.

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