Article title How to choose a quality knife?

Considering a large assortment of kitchen knives, it is almost impossible to make the right choice almost immediately. Anyone knows that such a thing is designed to be used for a very long time, and no one wants to throw out a knife every month. If you make the right choice right away, you can be sure that in the future the hand will get used to using such a product and you will no longer want to change such kitchen utensils for something else.

Variety of kitchen knives

Going to buy a knife, be sure to first decide for what purpose it is needed. Among the assortment of Japanese knives for the kitchen, you can find the following main types: vegetable, for meat, for peeling fruits and vegetables. But, and that's not all. In the product catalogs you can find Japanese knives like Santoku, Deba, Yanagi and others.

Many experts recommend buying kitchen knife depending on the type of work that the owner is supposed to do. In the assortment you can also find universal knives that can cope with various tasks and even save space in the kitchen cabinet. For users, it is definitely recommended to purchase at least three knives that cannot be replaced by anything: a small vegetable knife, a large one for a chef, and a medium universal one.

If we consider the popular Japanese knives, you will notice that they are made of steel and can have several layers. Depending on their number, it can be distinguished that single-layer knives are considered to be the most budgetary. This type of knife has excellent sharpness and practicality, but users will have to sharpen them very often. If you buy three-layer knives, you can be sure that sharpening may not be required for a whole year, and all because it is the middle layer that consists of the hardest steel. Thanks to this design, the knife will be protected from kinks and damage, regardless of the frequency of its use.

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Damascus steel knives are the most expensive and high-quality products. They have not only excellent sharpness and long service life, but at the same time they are distinguished by a beautiful applied pattern.

But, not only the blade needs to pay attention. Before buying, it is recommended to look at the material from which the handle is made. Among the most popular are: wood, metal, micart or the innovative material ECO-WOOD.

Thanks to all these recommendations, each buyer will be able to easily choose for himself a really high-quality and durable product. Order a knife You can at Tojiro.

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