Non-standard defects, diagnostics and repair of washing machines

In addition to malfunctions of the main components of the unit, there are situations in everyday life, the cause of which is very difficult to find without professional help. Even the slightest damage to the housing components can lead to unstable operation of the entire device, after which only a specialized repair of washing machines Kiev Simply Service will help solve the problem.

List of possible breakdowns 

A comprehensive verification method may be needed when the following errors are detected: 

  • During the rinse cycle, the water in the tub heats up. A breakdown of the heating element is possible, in which case it is necessary to disconnect the machine from electricity and check the operation of the heating element.
  • Separate modes start, but the wash does not want to start. Most often, a failed device control unit is to blame. Climbing into it yourself is not recommended, since in case of an error you will have to buy a new one.
  • The machine drains water too often. This will be heard by the characteristic hum coming from the pump. First you need to check the pressure in the drainage system. In units from Indesit and Samsung, the inlet valve sometimes breaks, which lets fluid into the system.
  • Leak in the manhole area. The lock is broken, causing the lid to not fit snugly against the case, or the glass is cracked. This happens if a metal object gets into the drum along with the clothes. 

Algorithm for repairing washing machines in case of unstable operation of its components

If the self-diagnostic function is available, you should start with it. You can also identify the cause of the problem by the error code that is displayed on the display panel. Before starting the test, you need to unplug the plug from the outlet, release the drum, drain the remaining water. It is also necessary to level the body of the machine on the floor surface, as unevenness can lead to a warp of the tank and, accordingly, to a failure of the washing mode. 

If the drum is not rotating at the speed specified, or if the RPM is constantly changing, the motor components should be checked. Bearings, brushes of the electric motor, connecting contacts are clearly subject to wear. A more detailed analysis of it can be carried out on the basis of the service. Burnout wiring is difficult to detect without a full analysis of the part. In this case, the failure occurs due to the lack of voltage in the winding nodes. 

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Following the instructions, you can repair washing machines without the invitation of a master, but identifying the causes of rare problems is a very difficult process for a beginner.

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