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Online shoppers don't always rush to visit a website to check prices or product features. Therefore, among representatives of various areas of online business, product advertising is deservedly popular. gives a powerful marketing effect. A well-organized campaign allows potential customers to evaluate your assortment even before visiting the site. Shopping ads appear in different services and above Google search results. As a result, advertising gives a global coverage of the target audience.

The unique format guarantees a high percentage of conversions and an increase in click-through rate. Each Google Shopping ad reflects data on the price of the product, its benefits. A photo of the specific product also appears. The use of this advertising allows you to significantly increase sales, has a proven positive effect. This is a very convenient marketing solution for online stores, where the prices of goods are constantly changing.

Who is Google Shopping for?

To keep potential buyers informed, you can order a Google Shopping advertising campaign. This option is chosen by the following categories of entrepreneurs:

  • companies that position low prices as one of the main advantages - therefore, the cost of goods should always be in sight;
  • online stores with a large assortment - several of your positions may appear in the search results at once, which increases the chances of sale;
  • retailers that are in high cost per click segments.

Professionally designed online business advertising from M.System suitable for those involved in the sale of products, household goods, electronics, automobiles and other products.


Google Shopping - profitable and effective advertising campaigns that give real results. Benefits include:

  • cost optimization - ads are generated automatically and updated;
  • efficiency - high conversion;
  • quick results - applications and calls from buyers are not long in coming;
  • attracting a "warm" audience - customers are already set to conclude a deal with the store.
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The Google Shopping advertising campaign service includes several stages. First, specialists perform an audit check of the site for compliance with the requirements, register and create an account, and set up conversion goals. Finally, a dynamic report is generated.

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