Features of creating an online store 

Online stores are confidently replacing the offline business familiar to all of us. Yes, this is not surprising, since the benefits of ecommerce can be listed for a long time. 

It is worth saying that the success of an online store does not depend on the very fact of its creation, but on many nuances. One of the main factors that ensure productivity is the structure of the site. 

If it is inconvenient for visitors, they are unlikely to want to return or recommend it to others. And if the site structure is not fully optimized for search engines, then this threatens promotion, which means that the resource will not bring profit. 


We propose to consider the basic requirements for the structure of an online store. 

Home page

It is not by chance that this element is called “main”, because this page is, as it were, the “face” of the entire project and introduces customers to your company, products / services. Most often, the main page of the resource also acts as a kind of summary: visitors can get acquainted with you and the goods, terms of purchase / delivery, promotional offers. 

Catalog of goods/services

If the main page is the “face” of your business, then the catalog can be compared to the heart. A professionally designed directory structure is essential for comfortable and productive work with your resource. Most often, the product catalog is designed in a hierarchical manner. 

In addition, when developing a catalog, it is important to correctly calculate the nesting depth. On the one hand, it is worth striving to ensure that it is easy to get to the right product. In contrast, it is important that the products that are combined in one section are not searchable. 


Well, the basket is the holy of holies, because it brings the client closer to that cherished purchase, and you to profit. Usually this page contains brief information about the ordered product, its name, cost and quantity. There is also a link to return purchases or checkout. 

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It is important to say that all activities related to the basket should be simple, clear and understandable. Otherwise, without five minutes, the buyer may change his mind about buying from you and go to your competitors. 

Section with information about delivery, payment, return

Users of the online store will not be able to make a purchase if they do not have complete information about both the delivery and the store. It is for this reason that such information must be provided on this page. To understand whether all the information is indicated in this section, put yourself in the place of the client and analyze the section again. 

Personal accounts 

If a cumulative discount system or a loyalty program will work in your online store, it is important for you to include a section with a buyer's personal account. There should be information about order history, bonuses, discounts, selected products, etc. Of course, access is available only to those who have registered and are authorized on your resource. 

Creating a quality online store is not easy. So don't make the mistake of choosing development partners with no experience or reputation. try order online store from professionals!

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