Programs for remote access: what are their features

Programs for remote access: what are their features

The remote access program is a modern technology for remote control of a computer via the local Internet network. It also allows you to share files between users. This feature provides the ability to connect to a computer device regardless of location.

Technology advantages:

  • Allows you to process numerous files, use programs on another computer remotely.
  • It is useful for those companies whose employees need access to the workplace, viewing the electronic box. It is also possible to solve other tasks from outside through the local network.
  • It does not require downloading working information to an external drive, as well as transferring data via email.
  • It is enough to establish a connection with an office PC.

The technology is actively used by system administrators to troubleshoot the system and solve other problems related to solving problems of failures. This technical solution is widely used for distance learning in many educational institutions.

How to make a remote connection

To connect to a remote PC system, you must:

  • install special software;
  • apply the services of remote services;
  • register a virtual space that will be used for work in the future.

Due to the variety of specialized platforms, the user has the opportunity to choose the most suitable technology, having studied the capabilities of each before that.


It belongs to the most famous utilities that allow you to fully perform work remotely, copy files, edit and save documents. Connection is possible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.

The program for remote access to a computer allows you to:

  • make video recordings of sessions;
  • maintain communication with participants in text and voice messengers;
  • give remote access only to specific applications.

To pair two remote devices, you need to generate an ID and password, enter them from the client side.

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Among the advantages of the utility are the following points:

  • fast installation and connection;
  • coordinated work with any operating system;
  • the ability to configure controlled and uncontrolled user access;
  • the program does not slow down the computer;
  • even an insecure user can quickly master the operation of the application thanks to a simple interface.


The program for remote access via the Internet has not only the function of remote work, but also helps the manager to track the productivity of the staff. The program contains analytical capabilities, automatic collection of statistical data, registration of employees' activity on the Internet, control of the time of active work on a computer device.

The main functions are:

  • remote monitoring, which allows you to see what the employee is doing at any moment;
  • video recording of the user's monitor;
  • analysis of working time;
  • effectiveness study;
  • the ability to monitor violations notifies you of visiting prohibited sites.


  • quick installation;
  • the ability to test the version with limited abilities for free;
  • full control with remote access;
  • you can connect without additional request for passwords;
  • features of hidden access are provided.

The cost of the full version is from 183 rubles per PC. Tariffs are offered from monthly to three-year, even perpetual. The total cost per use depends on the number of actual users.


Refers to the most easy and understandable programs that provide remote work. Most often used by private users or small organizations. The main functions are remote modification of files, copying information, access to all necessary folders.

Among the advantages are:

  • easy and accessible interface;
  • high-speed data exchange;
  • stable connection;
  • free installation and use.

The remote access program asks for the remote user's password, a limited activity session, and then requires reconnection and data entry.

Aero Admin

It is unlikely to be of interest to large firms, as it is more suitable for private users and small business organizations.


  • free installation and application;
  • automatic exchange of file documents;
  • remote office system;
  • the possibility of parental control;
  • monitoring and control of personnel performance;
  • conference function;
  • Ability to collaborate online.
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Installation and configuration of programs is available to each user, does not require the intervention of a system administrator.

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