Experts have identified the TOP promising fighters for betting on the UFC market

Experts have identified the TOP promising fighters for betting on the UFC market

In mixed martial arts, the underdogs rarely outperform the favorites in a fight. Therefore, experts recommend betting fans to pay attention to promising fighters who have skills in their arsenal that can lead them to the championship in the most prestigious MMA tournament. 

The bookmaker introduces quotes for the upcoming fights in the UFC and other promotions Olymp Bet. The review of the bookmaker is published on the site       

First in the list of promising fighters - Paddy Pimblett nicknamed "The Baddy" (Bad), 27 years old, a native of the UK. He spent three fights in the promotion and has already managed to make a lot of noise. In his UFC debut, he knocked out Luigi Vendramini. Rodrigo Vargas finished the second fight with a rear naked choke (which became his signature move), and closed the issue with Jordan Leavitt in the last fight on July 23, 2022 with a similar rear naked choke. 

All three of Paddy Pimblett's fights in the UFC have been Performance of the Night awards. 

The Baddy started his MMA journey in 2012. He has featured prominently in the Cage Contender, Cage Warriors and Full Contact Contender promotions, leading to featherweight titles. The fighter's statistics speak for themselves: 21 fights, 18 victories, 14 of which were completed ahead of schedule. 

Pimblett is a versatile fighter who has jiu-jitsu skills, ground work, good fast striking technique and boundless charisma in his arsenal. A dexterous and persistent fighter with the ability to act outside the box and surprise opponents. One of his trump cards is his atypical appearance as an MMA fighter, which can mislead opponents, who often underestimate him. The audience, on the contrary, took on the image and charisma of Paddy. The promotion management is promoting him as a new star in every possible way and is gradually preparing him to meet with more dangerous fighters. 

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Next on the list is a Spaniard of Georgian origin Ilia Topuria. He is an undefeated fighter and is already in the top 15 in the UFC featherweight division. Of the 12 victories he won, the last 4 he got in the UFC. The debut victory in the promotion went to a unanimous decision, the next three - by knockouts in the rack. 

With a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Greco-Roman wrestling skills, he is currently one of the best ground fighters in his division. Elijah is dangerous for any opponent, not only on the mat, but also in the standing position, which he demonstrated in his last fights. He moves well, hits accurately and constantly keeps the pace of the battle under his control. At the end of the spectacular fight, which ended with a knockout victory over Jay Herbert, Topuria challenged Pimblett and perhaps soon we will have an interesting main event with their participation. 

American Erin Blanchfield, who previously performed in the Invicta promotion, at the age of 23 already boasts good statistics. Out of 8 fights, only one split decision resulted in a loss to Tracey Cortez. In the UFC, she won 3 confident victories in a row. 

Erin has been practicing martial arts since childhood and is skilled in kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. They started talking about her in 2020 after a spectacular victory over Victoria Leonardo. The high kick knockout inspired her fans and you can count on something similar in her performances for the UFC. 

Erin Blanchfield is 15th in the flyweight division at this stage of her career, but the next victory will allow her to compete with rivals from the top ten. 

35 year old Brazilian Alex Pereira, a former kickboxer who knocked out middleweight king Israel Adesanya in 2017 before their UFC appearances. Many fans want to see their fight already within the framework of MMA. 

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Pereira failed to make his debut with a victory due to the lack of wrestling skills - Camuel Ottoni closed the fight with a rear naked choke. However, the fans did not have to be upset for a long time and later he gave out a series of 5 knockouts in 6 fights. Two bouts were voted "Performance of the Night". Here, all the skills of Pereira as a kickboxer came in handy, a knee strike in a jump and a subsequent knockout speaks for itself. A confident standing position, some of the most powerful knockout punches in the middleweight division make him a dangerous contender. By improving the basics of grappling and takedown defense, he will be able to beat any opponent in his division and beyond. 

Pat Sabatini - American 31-year-old prospect who owns karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and sambo. Previously distinguished by dominance in the CFFC promotion, where he won the title. A bright victory marked his debut in the UFC over Tristan Connelly, knocking him down in the first round. 

He continued his winning streak against Jamall Emmers, winning the fight via submission in the first round and receiving his first Performance of the Night bonus. At this stage of his career, he has six unconditional victories in a row against strong opponents. Pat Sabatini is a solid all-rounder with a decent punch, especially successful on the ground due to his wrestling skills. When transferring the fight to the ground, he shows excellent control over the opponent and often ends with a submission.

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