Like kitchen hoods and how they smell

You see the stained glass - the very same clasifikatsiyu tsіkavlyatsya spozhivachі, yakі want to take maximum advantage and comfort in the kitchen. Kitchen drawer - to protect the air from the outside, full of smells of hedgehogs, fats, products of combustion of gas, save the walls and walls, and guarantee better ventilation. Ale choose virib for the kitchen next to walk not only from the aesthetic mirroring. So that the installation best played its role, when choosing that purchase of a varto of the nobility, how to buy kitchen hoods and how they smell.

Classics of the genre

The ranks of the dome model lie before the classical type. Tse znayomі vsіm virobi, at the simplest vikonannі stink, a straight-cut lower part with wind deflectors, a pyramidal shape, what to go, on top like a roztasovaniya vyhіd poіtrovoda.

Sound such attachments are prepared from the ventilation openings. The design, which may be based on the recirculation principle of work, is practically not known. The main advantages of dome models can be seen:

  • superficial design;
  • the presence of disposable parts, there are no filters on the polymeric surface;
  • garna productivity;
  • zruchne keruvannya;
  • the dimensions of the lower part, as for the size, fit to the large cooking surfaces and gas stoves.

Zavdyaki zhorstkіy designs in the domed ventilated hoods are rarely suspected of such titles as parasitic noise, which appears in the vibration of the body, called out by the robot of the strained motor. Modern wind turbines are equipped with quiet turbines from a horizontal spade block. The market proposes a solution with a different system of fastening:

  • installation to the wall, taking on the main tension, leaving the windpipe only fixed;
  • to hang on the windshield of the reinforcement, to hang, at the same time it will be organized again through the technological opening to the hull, the opening of the air supply unit to the animal.

Another layout option seems to be more convenient, but the kitchen is not too handy. Therefore, the propositions of dome structures in such a format are mainly stylistic solutions, where the main bearing part is the air duct zone.

Ostrіvni vytyazhki

At first glance, the islands and the dome-shaped drawings are similar. Prote є great vіdminnostі. Vіd them to fall as a variety of island models, and especially to their installation. Golovnі vіdminnі risi lie at the offensive:

  1. Ostrіvna vityazhka - mіtsna, zhorstka, here are rіdkіsnі buildings from a thin metal sheet.
  2. The fastening of the island ventilation unit must be carried out up to the wall. At the same time, the goal is to ensure maximum hardness.
  3. Ventilation will be opened at the ventilation through the technological opening under the wall.
  4. In the boundaries of one great island structure, there may be a few areas of the fence around the fence, lighting.
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Island models are a danina of fashion in the great kitchen. If there is too much space, the cooking zone should be smashed at the sight of a square or rectangular block in the center of the room. With whom, you can immediately engage in cooking, eat, talk. Vіdpovіdno to such a format the inter'єru on the market will be promoted by different vidi. Kitchen islands can be equipped with large air-filled areas, equipped with bottles and kitchens, suspended modules.

When installing such an add-on, I will need a vikonati low vimog. In order to look neatly and stylishly, the interior is laid behind a suspended stele, it is safe to secure it further before overlapping, for the passage it is more common to block not the corrugated pipe, but the box sections of the channels. Ostrіvna vityazhka is an expensive, stylish, mіtsniy i poguzhny pristry. Vіn maє vіdpovіdne іnzhenerne іnzhenirne: quiet dvigunі, dovgovіchnі lamps, parts that do not require frequent maintenance.

Ale є th simplest options, de zastosovuєtsya principle of recycling. Such decisions are not considered high quality, but their building is safe for comfort and stability, bagatma koristuvachami are placed under sumniv.

Vbudovani hoods

Vbudovana vityazhka - fashionable and effective solution, like a call not to ruin the style of the kitchen interior. Attachment is mounted in the middle of the hanging hood. With whom, it was necessary for engineers to instill low features:

  • technologic opening for visualization of a straight line, ruffled at the back of the drawstring;
  • the systems of fastening are spread out so that the drawstring is completely masked by a scarf;
  • The vibration level of the engine is low, so as not to cause parasitic noise from the furniture vibration.

Vbudovana vityazhka may be different rosemaries. Vrіznі occupy only a part of the lower surface of the hood. For their installation, you will need the help of qualified furniture.

Full-format is shorter. The second zone of the fence again occupies the entire lower surface of the shafi. If you want to fix furniture, focusing on the vzhe pridbanu or fit the model, it doesn’t matter to fit it into the set.

There is one more fold, which the engineers have done with success, — the versatility of the parquet zones and the area of ​​the slabs, the cooking surfaces. The most recent option for a built-in hood is a hanging block. Wine allows you to cover the area with a fence around the preparation area and guarantees the removal of all unacceptable odors. Attachments are easy to pick up - when the block is hung up, the drawstring automatically sticks.

Horizontal flat drawstrings

Horizontal flat vents can be seen up to the class of extensions, as they can be installed in the premises in any configuration. For example, there, there is a de-ventilation channel for rotting on the protege wall like a gas stove or a cooking surface. Look and feel of horizontal drawstrings are added to the volume, tightness, equal to noise, and the stagnant method of removing smells.

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Zastosovuetsya vytyazhny and recirculation principle of work. In the first fall, it is necessary to introduce it to the ventilation duct. In the other, houses and smells are simply seen, because of which the wines are in the room. Virishyuchi, like a stained-glass krascha - with the introduction of circulation, varto protect such features:

  • for the installation of a ventilation system, it is necessary to organize the route of the wind pipe to the ventilation duct of the house, which can become a problem, as well as the veins of expansion on the proliferating type of wall slab;
  • horizontal recirculation hood is mounted on the wall, but it needs periodic maintenance.

To improve the efficiency of the remote smell, follow the steps of the filter mill. The stench can be made of steel from nets, as it is necessary only for hours at a time. The solution cannot be safe from outside smells. It’s better to have filters with a polymeric coating, or to take revenge on a coal saw. The problem is that the stink of the last resource, if you happen to buy a new one. To that, virishyuchi, like choosing a horizontal hood, zokrema varto evaluate the rіven vitrat on її utrimannya.

In the design of the engineering solution, horizontal flat drawstrings are simple and unobtrusive. This is a box-shaped body, which is fastened with one side to the wall, the area of ​​the fence is similar to the dimensions of the large gas stoves and cooking surfaces.

Vertical drawing

Vertical stinks are sometimes called mentally. Tse highly productive engineering solutions, buildings choose the greatness of the future. Models of a strictly vertical orientation for wall mounting can be used on the walls of restaurants and bars, especially in places for chickens. In the kitchens, you can see the models that are tidying up in the style.

For home kitchens, stylistic solutions are introduced, the fence panel is re-stitched under the hood.

The features of the robotic vertical drawstring are similar to those of the step-on:

  • smoky with flat channels;
  • in expensive models, a sprinkling of streams is formed: the lower one is mainly hotter than the air in the plate, the upper one is used for the role of the cordon filter;
  • low-productivity inexpensive models are equipped with a flip-out panel. The pickup is repeated through the flat area, and the cover is used for catching.

Vertical drawstring is both productive and effective. It is recommended to install it on an apparently small size slab.


Depending on the dimensions of the kitchen, the interior, the refinishing of the stove and the ventilation channels on the current market, you can choose a drawstring, as if it were ideally placed in front of it. When choosing a required model, the varto also evaluates the quality of the variance. For example, a great role is played by noise, the presence of a number of controls for regulating engine wraps, lighting, sensory mechanical control. The ideal variant is the one that propagates the maximum amount of money to satisfy the needs of the sackmaster.

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