TapSwap: How to use Solana-based cryptomining via Telegram

TapSwap developed on Solana blockchain technology, allows users to engage in cryptomining using the popular Telegram messenger. In this review, we will look in detail at tapswap - what it is, how this system functions and why it deserves your attention.

TapSwap from Solana – what is this project?

Miner TapSwap

TapSwap Mining is a blockchain game on the Solana platform that also functions as a decentralized exchange. The main task of the participants is to farm the $TAPS cryptocurrency, which will be distributed among people after listing. The TapSwap project is actively developing as a game on Telegram, where you can tap on the screen, collect coins, improve your accounts and increase the speed of farming. After listing, users will be able to withdraw real money.

What are the advantages of TapSwap

TapSwap gives users the opportunity to accumulate coins over a long period in preparation for a successful start to the game. One of the main advantages is that the game does not require any cash investment. The mining process is characterized by simplicity and efficiency, taking very little time. Active participation allows you to quickly accumulate a supply of coins, which can then be used to purchase an in-game autoclicker, which facilitates the process of earning money.

How to start playing TapSwap?

Miner TapSwap

To start playing TapSwap Mining, follow a few simple steps:

  • follow the special link to Telegram bot TapSwap Bot.
  • Click on the “start” button to launch the mini-application.
  • Follow the instructions provided to set up the game.

TapSwap miner is a fun game where every click on a coin increases your $TAPS balance. However, each press consumes energy, the level of which is displayed on a scale at the bottom of the screen. Energy is restored over time, allowing you to continue earning coins.

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Boosters in the game

Miner TapSwap

TapSwap offers various boosters that improve game results:

  1. Taping Guru – temporarily increases the number of coins per click for 15-30 seconds without wasting energy.
  2. Full Tank – completely restores energy, which is especially useful in the early stages of the game.
  3. Multitap – increases the number of coins per click, but consumes energy faster.
  4. Energy Limit – increases energy, so you can play longer.
  5. Recharging Speed ​​– accelerates energy recovery.
  6. Tap Boot is the most expensive booster available, but it provides the most benefits. Tap Boot allows you to automatically collect coins: to do this, the player just needs to log into the application every 12 hours and collect the accumulated funds.

The effectiveness of the TapSwap game depends on two key parameters - Energy Limit and Recharging speed, so we recommend improving them.

How to achieve maximum efficiency in pumping in TapSwap?

The project's future plans include the release of a TAPS token intended for trading on the TapSwap platform and other platforms. The more “coins” you have in your account, the more TAPS you can earn. To mine as many of them as possible, you need to:

  1. Complete the available tasks in the Task section. Invite one to three friends, subscribe to social media channels, authorize a crypto wallet, and complete other suggested tasks. This will allow you to quickly accumulate an initial deposit to improve your results.
  2. At the first opportunity, we recommend buying Tap Boot - a bot for automatic mining in the TapSwap game. It allows you to earn coins offline.
  3. Level up your boosters as high as possible, at least to level five. This will significantly increase the efficiency of mining by tapping and using the bot.
  4. To click, use 2-3 fingers at once. This is not prohibited in the game, and the system easily counts three clicks instead of one without any restrictions.

Don't be afraid to use your first coins to level up. The sooner you do this, the more coins you will earn in the long run. And most importantly, don’t forget to log into the bot every 12 hours.

Miner TapSwap

TapSwap: when is listing?

Initially scheduled for May 30, the launch of TapSwap was postponed to July 1. The decision has left some users disappointed and raised questions about the future of the project. At the same time, there are several positive aspects associated with this schedule change.

TapSwap has scheduled the listing of its TAPS tokens for the third quarter of 2024. The initial placement of tokens will start after the launch of the token pool, scheduled for July 1, 2024. It is expected that the tokens will be available on major exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Bybit, and others. These platforms were chosen due to their large user base and high liquidity, which should contribute to stable demand for TAPS tokens.

It should be emphasized that the exact listing date and specific exchanges have not yet been officially confirmed. Users should carefully monitor official TapSwap announcements to avoid possible scams.

Future plans for the TapSwap game

The TapSwap team has announced plans to launch their own decentralized exchange on the Solana platform. This step will expand the capabilities of project participants by giving them access to new tools and resources for trading cryptocurrencies. They also plan to release their Swap token, which will be distributed among participants when the exchange launches. This will create additional motivation for active participation in the game and contribute to its development in the world of finance, opening up new prospects.

The authors also announced the launch of an innovation. Soon, players will be able to exchange Swap tokens earned in the game for shares. This event highlights the project's ambitions and its uniqueness, providing users with ample opportunities to invest and increase capital. With the opening of the exchange, it will be possible to trade tokens even before they are listed on the exchange. Thus, by the end of May, participants will be able to start earning money on their game tokens by exchanging them for shares and actively participating in financial transactions.

Other project options for earning money

We recommend considering other projects that also offer the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency:

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