The universe of strategy games for PC constantly pleases with new developments

The universe of strategy games for PC constantly pleases with new developments

The industry of computer games for personal computers (PC) does not stand still. Every year, new civilizational, military, municipal, economic and other strategies appear on the market. Fans of various genres are looking forward to the release of the new part, and along the way are looking for something new. Classic and modern strategies on the PC regularly fall into the field of view of thematic media, allowing users to learn about the situation in the gaming market.

Technical characteristics of iron will not be a problem

Users are familiar with the common situation. On the one hand, I want to enjoy my favorite game, but on the other hand, the power of the PC does not allow this. In a similar situation, before you just had to give up, but now it’s enough to choose a version adapted to the capabilities of iron. For example, the best strategy games of all time, such as GTA, come in several versions. The user installs the game, and then completes the storyline with mods. The performance level issue has been resolved.

Along the same theme

Gamers are conditionally divided into several categories. The former choose programs of strictly one subject, for example, military or economic. As a rule, they are quite conservative and show loyalty to one series. Representatives of the second category like to experiment both with different games and with different mods for already released programs. Regardless of preferences, you can choose strategies for playing on a PC, taking into account several factors. Opens the list, as mentioned earlier, the demands on PC performance. The list of nuances continues with the ability to play alone or online. The latter option is more popular. Battles with opponents or allies make the storyline more diverse. The last detail is related to the thematic focus. Specialized media regularly update the rating of strategies, allowing users to keep abreast of events.

Development of a colony on another planet

Developers are not always in a hurry to release a new program. For example, Factor It's been in early access for 3 years now. You can download not only the game itself, but also a number of add-ons. The storyline looks like this. An astronaut forms a colony on another planet, develops a resource base, and so on. Such games for the development of civilization allow us to trace the entire evolutionary chain. Active construction of residential infrastructure and the processing industry will require the player to have knowledge in the field of economic planning and so on.

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Opportunity to develop the trading industry

The capture of new territories, which is presented in off world companybased on economic relationships. The user chooses different methods of fighting for a place under the sun on the Red Planet. It will be resisted not only by the harsh conditions of stay, but also by competitors. The licensed version of the product can be found in the Steam catalog. Fans of transport strategies also get an opportunity to enjoy their favorite genre every year. The list of top strategies includes:

  1. Mashinky – became the ideological continuation of the famous sequel Transport Tycoon. Users will immediately pay attention to the many options for the development of the scenario. It all depends on the actions of the gamer. The theme of the program is shifted towards the development of railway transport. Developers encourage users to actively connect to beta testing.
  2. Transport fever 1 and 2 - users say that this is the best strategy that has absorbed several genres. The user forms the transport infrastructure for people and for industry. As traffic intensifies, the city develops. Then the user can scale the created agglomeration to the whole region.

The list of pluses will be supplemented by the option of installing various mods. For example, developers allow you to download buildings or vehicles of a certain country.

Formation of new civilizations

The developers allow you to be on another planet, where you have to build a new city. At the same time, they do not forget about earthly affairs. In continuation Caesar III implemented a lot of "chips" that users asked for. At the heart of the project, as before, is the formation of a powerful Roman Empire. The user builds the economy, forms a defense, and so on. The classic town-planning project allows you to plunge into the world of antiquity. In addition to interacting with the economy and the military component, the PC strategies from this franchise allow you to communicate with the gods. For example, Zeus regularly throws up various kinds of tasks. The user develops a single city or is engaged in the conquest of neighboring territories.

If the era of Ancient Rome seems too hot, then you can choose a civilization that is located in the north. Project north guard talking about the Vikings. The modern best strategies from this developer regularly make the top list. At the beginning, the user goes on a campaign to conquer new territory, and then forms settlements there. The game scenario will constantly change, taking into account the actions of the user.

Amusement park industry

War, transport, other planets - wherever the user's developers throw it. In a programme planet coaster you can create your own amusement park. You will have to keep a balance between user requests and available resources. Everyone remembers those moments when they crossed the threshold of an amusement park. Unfortunately, not always favorite carousels worked or someone wanted to improve them. Now you can realize your childhood dream. The user creates new rides and upgrades old ones. Do not forget about the marketing strategy to maintain customer loyalty.

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Urban planning projects

Thematic resources that publish the best strategy games do not disregard popular franchises. A person who wants to feel like a mayor will pay attention to the project Cities: Skylines, which is regularly updated with new mods. It is important to consider the balance between commercial, residential and industrial development. In the hands of the user resources, taxes, roads and many other details. The developers will surprise gamers with a thoughtful design, realistic sounds and a full-fledged economic model.

Shaping the health of the nation

High-quality online strategies allow you to plunge into your favorite universe. It is enough to have a stable internet connection to fight. While some find out who is cooler on the battlefield, others heal their wounds in the hospital. These are strategies that are centered around the development of hospitals. promising project Two Point Hospital even professional gamers will like it. For example, you can regulate not only the arrangement of a single office, but also its size. Every detail can now be changed. At the stage of hiring staff, a person is looking for a balance between professional competence and his ability to work in a team. On the one hand, the design of the game is made in a slightly humorous style, and on the other hand, players will notice a high level of detail. The picture of what is happening changes regularly, so you will not be bored.

Behind the barbed wire

Developers are ready to satisfy any user request. For example, in a project prison architect the opportunity to develop your own prison is available. A high level of detail in both graphics and sound, guarantee the effect of immersion in the atmosphere of the prison. Themed best strategy games are based on a detailed analysis of real prisons. The user will have to deal with the inmates, monitor compliance with security standards, arrange a walking and prison area. Someone will decide to make the life of prisoners unbearable, and someone will take a more liberal approach. Should it happen that one of the convicts falls ill or is injured, he will have to be treated in the infirmary. It is important to constantly monitor the situation so as not to provoke a riot. Thematic preferences are different for everyone, but in one person should be consistent. It is important to choose licensed versions of PC games. In this case, the user receives a quality product and the ability to regularly download updates, such as new locations, weapons, scenarios, and so on.

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