How to search for information on the Internet - a few tips

How to search for information on the Internet

In the middle of the XNUMXth century, no one could imagine that you could find the necessary information online. Today, it is enough to go online using a personal computer (PC), mobile gadget or laptop to find out recipes, get data for an essay, and so on. Unfortunately, a person is often faced with a common situation. On the one hand, he entered a search query, and on the other hand, the results of the issuance leave much to be desired. The reason for this discrepancy lies in the level of the trained user. You need to know how to search on foreign sites and on domestic sites.

Proper selection of keywords

The results of the search engine issuance depend on the user's ability to correctly form a query. Properly selected keywords help with this. We are talking about a phrase or a few words that describe what you are looking for in as much detail as possible. For example, the user has set a goal to find a quote. If the user enters the exact part of the quote, the Internet search will end with a list of sites where there is a 100% match to the query. The lower the site in the search results, the less it meets the criteria that the user indicated in the search bar. Another option is that a person remembers only part of the quote, but he needs to restore it in its entirety. In this case, everything is indicated in the search string in the correct order, and the forgotten part is replaced with * (asterisk). After a few moments, the person will receive the necessary information.

Using alternative queries

A person who plans to buy a smartphone considers several options. The focus is on different brands. The key request will be the word "smartphone", and then it is supplemented. A practical tip on how to search the Internet for keywords is to use the vertical footprint that separates the names of different brands, for example, Samsung I Apple I Xiaomi smartphone.

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SERPs can be narrowed down

It will not be a secret to anyone that you can find almost everything on the web, but this is not always useful. For example, you need to quickly search the Internet for information about buying mobile phones in a particular city. The “+” sign will help to narrow down the results geographically, which will separate the keyword “phone” and the name of the city. The request can be increased, for example, buy a phone + brand name + city name. If you want to exclude one of several definitions, then use the "-" sign. The query "window + wooden - plastic" will tell artificial intelligence that the user needs wooden windows, not plastic ones.

Search for words within the same sentence or site

There are different situations in life, so the search engine is always ready to help. The main thing is to know how to search the Internet for the necessary information. For example, the user needs information about the monument to Pushkin, located in a particular city. The “&” sign, which is placed between “Pushkin monument” and “city name”, will help to narrow the search results. If an effective search on the Internet within a specific site is required, then the procedure is as follows:

  • keywords are entered at the beginning, for example, apple pie;
  • through a space, write in Latin letters the word site:;
  • the final nuance is an indication of the name of the site, for example,, where the search will be performed.

Among other tips on how to search for information on the Internet, there is a recommendation on the rules for searching for files of a certain format. The procedure is similar to that described above, only after the keywords enter in Latin letters mine: and then comes the file type, for example, pdf.

Using the language filter

In the age of total globalization, you need to know how to find on the Internet in a particular language. For example, we need a transcript of the address to the nation of the father of Elizabeth II. To do this, enter keywords in the search box, then write lang:en through a space. This significantly narrows the results of issuance. The search engine understands what to find on the Internet based on the user's query.

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What blogs and news portals will tell about

An effective correct search on the Internet affects not only archival documents, but also relevant sources of information. For example, the user needs information from a particular blog, then in this case it is enough to use the options that the search engine provides directly. The corresponding tabs are presented just below the line itself. The professionals here make a meaningful reminder. Users who resort to the help of Yandex and Google must be case aware. If the Russian search service distinguishes between small and small letters, then its overseas counterpart does not see the difference between small and large letters.

Exploring a specific range

The user planned to purchase a vacuum cleaner in a certain price range. A good tip on how to find the sites you need is to use what is called range filtering. It is enough to enter "buy a vacuum cleaner" lower price threshold..upper price threshold. Thanks to a little trick, the user saves himself time. The above recommendation on how to effectively search for information on the Internet excludes unnecessary portals from getting into the results of the issuance. Compliance with simple rules while searching for information on the network minimizes risks. A person, on the one hand, will not download malicious software, and will not transfer personal data to intruders, but on the other hand, he will quickly receive the necessary information.

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