Choosing a personal computer with modern characteristics

Choosing a personal computer with modern characteristics

The computer is now used for work in a variety of areas, for education and leisure activities. The choice of PC will largely depend on the goals of the user. To work with documents and watch videos, a very simple model is enough, for those who use graphic editors and other “heavy” programs, it is better to choose something more powerful, but gamers will have to invest in equipment at all - here the video card must be powerful, and don't let the RAM down.

Purpose of use

Manufacturers are constantly updating the characteristics of PC components, giving them new features. Despite this, a device assembled on modern hardware is guaranteed to work for several years without degrading performance. Models based on the Intel Core i5-3570 processor perform well, although it appeared in 2012. Together with the GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, the PC gives good results in games. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to buy used personal computer could be a great way out.

Now let's talk about goals. A PC is usually needed:

  1. For working with text files, databases, work programs in the office.
  2. For home use, where the above can be combined, plus watching movies, surfing the Internet.
  3. For high performance gaming.
  4. For professional activities related to the creation of graphics, scientific work, etc.

If we consider the needs of an ordinary user, then this will be a more universal and average version: the Internet, working with "light" programs, watching videos, listening to music and not too demanding games.

Buying a computer

If you already have a PC, then they prefer to update it step by step, acquiring new components to replace it. In any case, the user should have at least a little understanding of the main components before buying a second-hand or new computer.

  • CPU.
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Some prefer Intel, others AMD. For games, usually choose the first option, which can offer the maximum fps. Modern processors are Intel Core i5, i7, i3, i9 series. In each name there are also numbers indicating the generation, model number and version (the higher they are, the better). Therefore, i7 will not necessarily be much more powerful than i5, but they support hyper-threading.

  • Video card

This is a graphics adapter responsible for the quality picture on the monitor. If your PC is many years old, but its processor was top-end at the time of purchase, then it may be enough to change only the video card to increase the performance of the equipment. The more resolution the user needs for games or movies, the more expensive the video card will be. For games, it must have at least 3 GB of memory.

  • RAM.

This is an important point. For modern PCs, it does not happen much. For an ordinary user who does not want to wait a long time for opening pages of a browser or program, at least 6-8 GB is needed. If there is an option to purchase more, then it is worth doing.

All components are connected to the motherboard, which has a microprocessor. It must work stably. The remaining elements are the power supply, hard drive and accessories in the form of a keyboard and mouse. If you don’t want to delve into details, study the characteristics, think about compatibility, you can always purchase a ready-made used assembly or a new one.

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