Top 5 Best Cameras of 2024: Choosing the Right Camera

Top 5 Best Cameras of 2020: Choosing the Right Camera

The era of digital technology has given mankind modern digital devices that allow you to transmit the entire spectrum of color. Recognized as the best cameras in 2020, modern cameras also provide a wide range of settings and high camera response speed. Such devices are able to capture the microcosm and dynamic scenes in any conditions (even with poor natural or artificial lighting).


Industry experts have compiled the top cameras for those who love their job and are going to buy a quality camera. Devices differ from each other in the type and size of the matrix, the cost and features of lenses, the presence or absence of a viewfinder, compatibility with additional equipment, stabilizer and other factors.

1. Nikon D850

Nikon D850 Camera

The resolution level fully corresponds to the maximum available speed. Among the technical features:

  • resolution - 45,4 MP;
  • 3,2 inch touch screen;
  • CMOS full frame;
  • continuous shooting per second - up to 9 frames;
  • view - DSLR.

Suitable for advanced users, professionals, experts. This is a good camera that delivers amazing image quality and excellent performance. However, it exhibits a slow image review speed.

If you need to buy the best camera, pay attention to the Nikon D850, which has virtually no competitors. Thanks to the 153-point autofocus system and high burst speed (at least 9 frames per second), the device is popular, including among professionals.

2. Sony Alpha A7 III

camera Sony Alpha A7 III

A full frame camera is ideal for entry level. When deciding which camera to buy for a beginner, it is recommended to pay attention to this device. Product features include:

  • view - mirrorless;
  • screen - 3,0-inch tilting;
  • CMOS full frame;
  • resolution - 24,1 MP;
  • EVF viewfinder;
  • continuous shooting per second - up to 10 frames.

The camera is suitable for both a beginner who decides to master the profession of a photographer, and an expert. If you need to pick up a good inexpensive camera, pay attention to the Alpha A7 III. Among the advantages of technology is high speed in combination with 693-point autofocus. However, the screen is controlled by a limited system. The Alpha A7 III combines high levels of performance and functionality to make it the best choice for the enthusiastic photographer. improved autofocus, 24-megapixel full-frame sensor, makes the model attractive for professionals.

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3.Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X100F cameras

To find out which camera to choose, it is recommended to evaluate the capabilities of the X100F. This is a successful combination of performance, versatility, decorated in a classic style. Among the technical features of the model:

  • appearance - compact high quality;
  • sensor - APS-C CMOS;
  • screen - 3-inch;
  • resolution - 24,3 MP;
  • continuous shooting per second - up to 8 frames.

The model got into the rating of cameras that are recommended to be purchased in 2020 for a reason. The device is equipped with a hybrid viewfinder, allows you to get an image - frames - of exceptional quality. However, no 4K. Suitable model for industry experts and professionals. The compact camera is made in a classic style. A fixed focal length of 35 mm is provided. Suitable for expert photographers who want to manually adjust the camera. Often, the device is purchased as an additional “tool” by those specialists who already have other devices at their disposal.

4. Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 cameras

If you need to find out which camera to buy for a beginner, they turn to experienced specialists. Other recommended models include the D3400. For a relatively low fee, the buyer purchases equipment that has the following features:

  • view - DSLR;
  • resolution - 24,2 MP;
  • screen - 3,0-inch;
  • continuous shooting per second - up to 5 frames;
  • viewfinder - optical;
  • APS-C CMOS sensor.

Ideal for beginners who are just learning the basics of the profession and are not ready to purchase expensive equipment. This is one of the best cameras out there that delivers excellent image quality but doesn't have a touch screen. The presented model - D3400 - is a camera created on the basis of the well-known and popular D3300. The device is characterized by a well-known design, specification, it is possible to connect Bluetooth. This ensures fast photo sharing. The 24,2 megapixel sensor is responsible for the excellent quality of the photo frames. The device allows you not only to shoot, but also to study when using the "smart" mode. It is he who gives knowledge and explanations about important functions - training is conducted online.

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5.Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III camera

The super-small format contained a device with an excellent level of performance. This is a lightweight camera that is comfortable to carry and use for long shots. The features of the proposed technique include:

  • view - mirrorless;
  • resolution - 16,1 MP;
  • screen - 3,0-inch;
  • EVF viewfinder;
  • continuous shooting per second - up to 8 frames.

The device is suitable for both a beginner who wants to use a high-quality camera, and a professional. The advantages of the device include 5-axis stabilization and compact proportions. It is better to purchase an additional battery for equipment - the battery of the camera is weak. An improved SLR camera (when compared with its predecessor - Mark II) makes the technique attractive to buyers. The camera allows you to take great pictures, as well as shoot movies in 4K. Lenses are compact and lightweight, which is convenient for long-term work and transportation.

The best cameras of 2020 are presented in a specialty store. The range includes devices suitable for experts, and those that will allow creative people and enthusiasts to master an interesting profession.

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