How to choose the right coffee for your coffee machine

A coffee maker is an indispensable home appliance for those who love coffee and cannot imagine their usual, working or weekend day without this aromatic drink. With it, you can prepare a standard espresso, make an Americano by adding hot water. Individual models also please with a wide variety of models - for example, they offer options for making cappuccino and latte, for several cups with different levels of grain grinding.

But in order to enjoy the drink, you need to choose the right product that will delight you with excellent taste and quality. Any modern online coffee shop choose from several varieties. Varieties differ in the country of growth, degree of grinding, strength, freshness of roasting and many other indicators. To choose the right option, you often have to spend a lot of time.

The main points of difference between Arabica and Robusta

Almost all stores offer the two most common varieties - Arabica and Robusta. The first option is more popular, it accounts for 70% of world production. It has a pleasant taste and a wide variety of notes, from berries to citrus. Robusta is stronger, but at the same time, watery and almost tasteless, therefore it is rarely used in its pure form.

These two varieties also differ in the following criteria:

  • Growing features. Arabica is more whimsical, it requires careful and high-quality care. It can only grow in high mountainous areas, and produces a good harvest only with constant watering and proper feeding. Robusta, on the other hand, grows anywhere and needs almost no special care. The only thing she needs is a tropical climate.
  • caffeine content. Robusta has more of it than Arabica. In the first case, the percentage is about 2,7, in the second - about 1. But a large amount of caffeine is immediately harmful for the body, it perceives it as a poison. Therefore, robusta is not sold in its pure form - only in mixtures called blends.
  • Taste. Robusta is more bitter and less intense, which is why few people really like it. Arabica pleases with a wide variety of flavors - with citrus, chocolate, berry notes.
  • Roast degree. It also affects the taste. It is divided into five degrees, from very light to very dark. Sourness is present in the first degree, in the latter it is almost absent.
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