Brakes failed: how to stop the car?

Brakes failed: how to stop the car?

No driver is immune from such a problem as a brake failure in a car. So what to do in this case? We bring to your attention some useful recommendations.

Manual Transmission

Engine braking - is to gradually shift to a lower gear. Please note that the clutch must be squeezed out for just a few seconds. Make sure that at the moment of downshifting, the tachometer needle does not drop to the red zone. In no case should you abruptly switch to second or first gear. Otherwise, it may cause the car to skid, and may also cause damage to the gearbox.

Automatic transmission

  • We switch to manual mode and gradually reduce the speed. If this is not possible, shift the gear lever from position "D" to position "1".
  • We stop the car using the parking brake (handbrake). Gently turn it on and release it when the wheels lock.
  • We pass into the parking mode or turn on the first gear. If there is no other way out, you can stop the car in the following way: shift into first gear and turn off the engine. In this case, the key does not need to be turned all the way. Otherwise, you will lock the steering wheel. Please note that this method may cause damage to the gearbox.

General recommendations

  1. If it is not possible to slow down in the usual way (by pressing the brake), do not make sudden movements. Otherwise, it may lead to skidding. In this case, the car will become uncontrollable.
  2. When trying to stop a car with failed brakes, you must remember that due to blocking of the wheels (one or more), the car may skid.
  3. In no case do not turn off the car engine, as this can complicate an already difficult situation.
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