Which laptop to choose: thick, medium or ultra-thin?

Which laptop to choose: thick, medium or ultra-thin?

For work and entertainment, it is better to use a laptop that combines power and stylish appearance. But laptops in our time can be found not only in the classic form, that is, of medium thickness, but also in thick or ultra-thin versions.

If you need an increased level of reliability, then the only way out is to purchase a classic thick laptop from Dell, which has an impressive 60 mm case thickness with additional rubber inserts that can best dampen strong shocks. And indeed, if such a laptop, being in a non-working state, falls from a height of 1.8 m, then it will continue to work. The hermetic housing and plastic shutter on the camera will tell the consumer one thing - the equipment will be able to work more confidently both in dust storms and light rain, which makes it just an ideal choice for both the military and travelers.

But the above laptops cost decent money (about $ 2) and sometimes it’s better to buy laptops with an average thickness of 000 cm for work. These laptops are equipped with a hard drive that allows you to record a lot of information at speeds up to 2 Mb / s, and an optical drive will be useful in terms of installing a new OS. One or even three cooling fans guarantee one thing - the laptop, even in extreme heat, will in no way overheat during games! If we take into account the quite reasonable price component, it becomes clear that such laptops are still in stable demand among most people.

If compactness and light weight are required, then it is better to choose ultrabooks, that is, the same laptops, but with an extremely thin case, the thickness of which is often less than 1.5 cm!
They do not have a hard drive, for writing or reading they use solid state drives or SSDs, in which this figure is from 470 Mb / s! For games, ultrabooks are a priori considered the best solution, since due to the SSD, the picture on the monitor will appear without braking. And SSDs, which consume no more than 5 W in active mode, are able to guarantee uninterrupted operation of equipment for 15 hours.

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Also, ultrabooks do not have cooling fans and an optical drive. The former are not needed at all, since the processor part and the motherboard are designed by engineers in such a way that they do not overheat even in hot weather, and you can install a new OS on your computer using a USB flash drive. In the latter case, the flash drive is installed in the BIOS by the Wizard, and the OS installation process starts automatically. The only negative is that in the summer and under heavy load, some versions of ultrabooks tend to overheat, but this problem can be easily solved if you purchase an additional vacuum USB fan for the ultrabook, which can pump a large amount of cool air into the case of the equipment.

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