Top 8 best comics in the world

Top 8 best comics in the world

When we think about how to spend time with benefit and pleasure, relax, few people think that it would be nice to read comics. For most people, this kind of industry is associated with uninteresting and stupid stories about people with superpowers. Meanwhile, the most popular comics really deserve attention, because they have already won millions of hearts with an excellent storyline, beautiful illustrations. Not a single generation has grown up on comics. The article contains 8 top stories from which you should start your acquaintance with this unusual genre.


This book was made into a film directed by Zack Snyder.

All events take place in our modern world and are adapted to the political and social problems that the heroes in raincoats are trying to solve. But you should not wait for a happy ending, because the confrontation will not end in anything good. For those who like to philosophize and rethink the superhero genre. The pictorial novel is sure to please those who are tired of The Avengers.

The whole world of unusual rescuers is shown inside out, if they do something for the sake of justice, then with particular cruelty, and it is worth noting that their understanding of honor differs from the traditional and accepted in human society. It is recommended to read not in electronic format, where the plot is shown page by page, but on paper, where the whole spread is shown.


If you are interested in the topic of the Holocaust, then this work will definitely not leave you indifferent. The best comics have been devoted to this topic, but Maus is at the top to this day, he even won a Pulitzer award.

The plot is real, because the author was given the idea of ​​the work by his own father, who survived this difficult time. But you can’t call a comic book a documentary, after all, the main characters in it are not people, but animals. So the Jews are represented by mice, the German fascists by cats, there are other peoples (dogs, frogs and pigs). This technique allowed the author of the novel to convey all the coldness, cruelty and inhumanity of the Holocaust, although for some the degree of tragedy fell by several divisions.

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In the top comics, we could not help touching on the topic of religion, which has not been the subject of so many successful works in recent years. What if the saint appeared in our time, would he be honored and respected as before? The main character is far from the image of a martyr and a saint, he is an ordinary household alcoholic who has become disillusioned with life. But at some point he realizes that he heals people with his bleeding hands. This is not a standard life of a divine person, but rather a story that there is a way out of any situation if you yourself are ready to strive to see a positive outcome.

Calvin and Hobbs

Popular comics were not always written on serious topics, initially the genre was intended for teenagers, it included simply entertaining stories that raised the heroic spirit and the boys. If you decide to dabble in childhood or just don’t want to plunge into negativism, then read a collection about a little boy and his best plush friend. But philosophy still cannot be avoided, in the meantime, while the main characters play with each other, they discuss God, fatalism and other serious things.


If you are a rebel at heart and strive to find justice in this world, be sure to buy this work. He is in the top of the best comics in both foreign and Russian ratings. The story of a Muslim woman coming of age during the Islamic Revolution. Her parents are against wearing the hijab and are going to a rally to promote this idea to the masses. All the horrors of the situation and even the death of a loved one in prison are shown through the eyes of a child, and therefore the plot is read in one breath. Adults are also interested in the topic of finding friendship, love and self-acceptance in a novel.


We can say that the most interesting comics are not dedicated to superheroes in colorful tights, but to serious gloomy topics. The book describes the memories of the author's grandmother, the woman went through the era of the besieged Leningrad, and then the repressions of Stalin. The described plots are so close to Russian readers, because they are familiar and understandable, such grief was experienced in almost every family.

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Miss marvel

But if you still love classic comics about superheroes in capes, then you can rejoice: Marvel has released a good novelty. The main character is also a girl from a Muslim family, but the reality in Western society is shown. You should not expect any tragedy, the character, like her friends, lives an ordinary life of a teenager, the only difference is that she can change the shape of her body. This skill is not always in her favor, the girl finds herself in ridiculous and comical situations.

Killer joke

Another traditional version of a comic book about famous madmen, among whom it is impossible to single out a bad or good hero. The reader is fascinated by the fact that there is indeed much in common between the enemies.

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