Types of climate equipment for the home

Types of climate equipment for the home

Climatic equipment is divided into air conditioners, ventilation systems, humidifiers, cleaners and heaters.

The HVAC market provides a wide range of models. Their main classification is based on the function that each of them performs. Within the categories, there are also different types that will suit different situations.


Among the air conditioning equipment, the following types are most popular:

  • Monoblocks. Compact, inexpensive units that are installed directly in the room or cut into the window. Their disadvantage is the noise during operation.
  • Split systems. The most common option. Their compressor is placed in the external unit, so there will be no noise in the room. Split systems are efficient and affordable.
  • Multisplit systems. Provides the ability to connect many indoor units to one outdoor unit. This allows you to provide coolness to many rooms or offices at once.


Household air recuperators are well suited for residential buildings and apartments. They cut into the wall and can work both for exhaust and supply, providing the room with fresh air.

For commercial and industrial buildings, it is better to use roof ventilation systems that work with many rooms at once using a duct system.


In this category, it is worth noting humidifiers, but also dehumidifiers. Depending on whether excess or lack of moisture is present in the room, you need to choose the appropriate device.

Air cleaning

Air purifiers distill air masses, collecting dust from them. As an additional feature, they can ionize the air, which will be beneficial for people suffering from asthma.


Potbelly stoves have long given way to electric convectors and wall panels, which consume little electricity, but show high efficiency. 

Infrared emitters are also very effective. The rays that they emit do not interact with the air, but with the surrounding objects, evenly warming up the entire room.

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Another alternative could be high-quality water heaters that will supply hot water to radiators. One of the most effective options is a double-circuit electric boiler.

Where to buy climate equipment

You can buy everything you need to control the climate in the house on the pages online store of climatic equipment Wencon. Here are models from reliable manufacturers. They are conveniently divided into categories and filters, so you will quickly find everything you need. High-quality air conditioning equipment is the key to comfort in the house.

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