Types of advertising

Types of advertising

Website promotion by keywords is divided into 2 types: optimization of an Internet project for search engines and search advertising. Today, 2 types of this promotion are the most popular and are used by all bloggers or entrepreneurs who create their sites to advertise any product or service.

Search advertising, today, is one hundred percent way to bring a site to the first page of search results. At this stage, the developers of search engines have specially reserved for users a place for advertising, which is bought by fairly large companies. Basically, such ads are located to the right of the issue or above it, which increases the number of clicks.

Naturally, you will have to pay well to place contextual advertising, since this is quite an expensive pleasure. Advertisers themselves offer prices, and the search engine draws conclusions and places ads, or refuses. There is also an opinion that the search engine builds its advertising range, that is: advertisers who offer the most money come out on top in advertising; advertisers who offer the lowest prices can also expect to be accepted by the search engine, however, their order will be broadcast in the search engine last.

Money for each visitor is withdrawn only when he clicks on the ad.

The above type of advertising is contextual and, most importantly, it is the main source of income for every search engine! Today's Yandex and Google make money on such advertising.

Of course, the huge advantages of advertising far outweigh its negative sides, but they still exist.

The advertiser has to shell out a lot of money;
If an advertiser stops paying, their ad is removed immediately (no credits or concessions!).
Competitors who are trying to “hush up” the budget of companies are engaged in the so-called “clicking”. A “bunch” of ip-addresses is created that constantly clicks on ads, thus destroying the set budget.
The second way to optimize sites for search engines is less expensive, but ... The main disadvantage here is that no one can give a XNUMX% guarantee that the project will really reach the TOP and start bringing a lot of traffic.

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Website optimization occurs due to the purchase of links, however, the result is more influenced not by purchased (artificial links), but by natural ones.

Today, experts have concluded that users trust natural links more than search advertising.

The issue, the increase of which occurs with the help of promotion, is influenced by specialized algorithms that are constantly changing among search engines. The algorithms are kept secret, since their possible distribution will indicate that webmasters will start using forbidden types of promotion, rising in the TOP and earning money just like that (instead of using “white hat” methods and waiting for the project to really , ripe for big profits).

Search advertising or optimization? It's up to you to decide! First you need to set goals, understand what the promotion is for and create a time frame, and then think about which method to use.

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