Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: a smart watch model that will not leave you indifferent

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: a smart watch model that will not leave you indifferent

Smart watches are real helpers for a modern person. With their help, you can receive calls, send and read messages, play music, track your health, schedule workouts and much more. In order for the model to satisfy you in terms of quality and functionality, you need to choose the right smartwatch from the large assortment offered on the market.

Which model to focus on

Smart watches have a very good reputation among buyers Watch4 Samsung. Immediately after its release, the model found a great response in the hearts of consumers: the demand for the product grew almost every day. 

Today, the situation has not changed much: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is still a popular smart watch. And this is fully justified. 

Strengths of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have a fairly large number of positive aspects. If we consider the most basic of them, the following will be necessarily mentioned: 

  1. The design is equipped with a lightweight aluminum body. Thanks to this, the smart watch remains quite weightless (almost not felt on the hand), but at the same time it perfectly resists various mechanical damage.
  2. The function of determining body composition is supported. In just 15 seconds, you can find out what percentage of skeletal muscle, fat mass, body fat, water in the body you have. These data are taken into account when compiling training sessions.
  3. Smart watches are distinguished by the presence of an updated OS that supports Google services. These include the likes of the Play Store, Google Maps, G.Pay, and YouTube Music.
  4. Improved battery performance. Now the device can work without being connected to a charger for about 40 hours. Up to 100% when connected to a power source Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 reach in just 1,8 hours. 

If you want to buy a high-quality and multifunctional smart watch for everyday wear, then be sure to pay attention to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 model. It will please you with impeccable technical characteristics. Many buyers are already convinced of the relevance of buying a device. Now it's your turn. You can place an order through the Protoria website. Here you will find a very large selection of exclusively original products. Specify details about delivery in an individual format in the call center (works around the clock). 

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