Reverse Osmosis Filters: Recommendations as the Best Drinking Water Treatment System

A person consists of water by approximately 70-80%, and it is necessary to replenish the water balance daily. Not only health, working capacity, mood, but also the condition of the skin, hair, nails depends on this. However, the quality of drinking water is very important. Where can I get it at home? To facilitate the task, reverse osmosis filters were developed, the principle of operation of which was borrowed from nature itself.

Principle of operation: what is reverse osmosis

Osmosis is a natural process that is natural for all living organisms and occurs at the cellular level. An example is the kidneys, which filter the blood by taking water from it. The roots of a tree absorb moisture from the soil, acting according to the same biological law.

Osmosis is the nature of things and does not require energy costs. To make it clear, it saturates the solution with microelements, and reverse osmosis purifies it. The mechanism is similar to a conventional juicer and is started by pressure, on average three atmospheres, which is higher than the natural osmotic pressure. Thus, a special membrane allows water molecules to pass through, but at the same time stops 100%: salts, metals, rust, bacteria and parasites, even managing to trap viruses.

It is important to note! No cleaning system can cope with this. And at the end you get perfectly clean drinking water, the quality of which can be guaranteed, which cannot be said about various types of bottled water.

If needed reverse osmosis buy in Ukraine, you can contact the FILTER online store.UA. For example, the system WaterBox RO-6 is a joint development of Korean and Ukrainian specialists and consists of several purification stages.

 For preliminary purification of water from large particles - rust, sand, clay, coal and polypropylene cartridges are used, they free from chlorine and organic matter. Next comes the main membrane, which purifies water by 99,8%. The filter passes only molecules, leaving absolutely all impurities on the membrane surface, including bacteria and viruses. At the final stage, pre-treatment and conditioning follow, then water enters the mineralizer.

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Important! The reverse osmosis system has one drawback: water purified in this way does not contain minerals that the body needs. mineralizer WaterBox RO-6 saturates water with essential minerals and trace elements. 

Benefits of reverse osmosis treatment systems

There are many reasons to buy such a device. Among them:

  • removal of harmful compounds and impurities up to 100%. In the absence of mechanical damage to the membrane, the possibility of penetration of bacteria and viruses is virtually zero;
  • getting rid of daily spending on bottled water;
  • clean drinking water will come from the tap, you can wash your face and brush your teeth, which is good for the skin and enamel;
  • elimination of unwanted taste sensations, e.g. reverse osmosis filter ECOSOFT P'URE BALANCE provides neutralization, thanks to the fifth stage of purification, where a special activated carbon is used; 
  • most filters have a modern faucet and convenient connection.

So, the system guarantees excellent cleaning quality, is easy to use, saves time and money. Many models are equipped with mineralizers, bioceramics with improved water structure and even ultraviolet lamps to kill fungi and viruses. This water does not need to be boiled. As a result, you get crystal clear and healthy living water.

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