What resolution should I choose a monitor

What resolution should I choose a monitor

The monitor is one of the main components of a personal computer. Now this product is offered in a wide variety. This allows you to choose an option that will meet your wishes and financial capabilities. Choosing a good monitor will be the key to successful and high-quality work of a designer, accountant or ordinary user. Let's figure out how to choose a monitor for a PC, because you want it to last a long time, differ in functionality.

Monitors are divided into:

  • Ultra HD;
  • Flacker Free;
  • cinema screen;
  • Guantum Dot;
  • with 3D support;
  • with swivel screen
  • with curved screen.

An important criterion when buying a monitor is the type of matrix:

  • IPS/PLS matrix;
  • NT;
  • GOES.

Continuing the conversation about how to choose a monitor for a computer, it is worth considering such a parameter that indicates the size of the matrix in inches. Modern manufacturers of computer equipment produce displays with a diagonal of 14 to 55 inches. The size of the monitor matrix directly affects the comfort in working with data: more information is displayed simultaneously, text is more readable, and visual content (movies, games) is better perceived.

If you want to know which monitor to choose, it's important to consider response time, refresh rate, brightness, contrast, and screen backlight when choosing the best option. It is also important to take into account two types of screen coverage. If it is glossy, then you will be provided with a bright and juicy picture. However, there is a drawback - discomfort when working in a brightly lit room. The matte finish of the screen is not a very saturated color range of the picture, but you will be guaranteed comfort while working in any lighting, even in a very bright office environment.

When buying, pay attention to the monitor connectors. There are several of them:

  • VGA (D-SUB). Obsolete for modern video cards, compatible with video cards released before 2020.
  • DVI (DVI-I, DVI-D). The successor to D-SUB, present on almost all modern monitors. Fast and high-quality signal, excellent picture. Now this product is in high demand.
  • HDMI. Equipped with more bandwidth than DVI. Supports all resolutions up to 4K. It can transmit both audio and video signals at once, so it can be used to connect not only to the system unit, but also to other multimedia equipment.
  • displayport. The most efficient and modern connector at the moment. Like the HDMI port, it carries video and audio signals through a dedicated port. It has a much higher throughput.
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When sharing a monitor with colleagues or family members, purchase a model with a comfortable stand that provides the right viewing angle for each user. Adjustable stands can be height-adjusted, tilted and rotated.

If you often connect USB, you should purchase a monitor with the appropriate connectors. It's good to have two of these ports on the side of the monitor. This makes it easy to connect a flash drive and other peripherals. Monitors can be divided into several categories. They are budget, professional, touch, multimedia and gaming. Monitors of different categories have different pricing policies. The cost of this product is determined depending on the panel used, diagonal and functionality.

Given all of the above, we approach the choice of a monitor with full responsibility and understanding of the matter. When buying, you should pay attention to all aspects, take into account the features, pay attention to additional features if they interest you.

Additional features include the ability to adjust the height and tilt of the monitor, 3D mode, the presence of built-in speakers, turn the display (monitor) 90 degrees, and transfer it to portrait mode.

You can buy a good monitor for a computer in any branded computer equipment store, in an online store. There are a lot of beautiful options on showcases. Turning to consultants, it is possible to find out the features of each model, choose the right one, get answers to the question of which monitor to choose for a personal computer correctly. When contacting the online store, you can get advice and assistance in choosing. You can place an order at any convenient time. It is worth noting that it will not be difficult to buy a good monitor if you follow certain rules and clearly understand what you want to get in the end. At the same time, you should decide not only on the parameters of the device, but also on your financial capabilities. You know how to choose a monitor, so now buying it will not cause any difficulties and problems.

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