What is important to know about the size and weight of basketballs

What is important to know about the size and weight of basketballs

Basketball is very popular all over the world. This sports ball game is very dynamic, active and interesting. Basketball is a technique, good physical preparation, the desire to win. An indispensable attribute of this game is a basketball.

A basketball is spherical in shape. Traditionally, it is orange in color, and its surface is divided into eight sectors by black seams. Interesting fact: a basketball has approximately 35 bumps.

The following types are divided:

  • indoor. This type is used for playing in the gym. This type of ball is played by professional basketball players.
  • outdoor. This type of ball is used on the street.
  • indoor/outdoor. Can be used both in gyms and outdoors.

It has been proven in practice that indoor balls are ideal for playing in the gym. It is optimal to use two balls (for playing on the street and in the gym). Important information: indoor balls are not rubber.

What is important to know about sizes

It is worth noting that the sizes of basketballs are determined based on two indicators. This is the circumference and weight of the basketball.

  • Size 3. The mass of the basketball is 300-330g, and the circumference is 560-580mm. This option is designed to play in children's basketball teams.
  • Size 5. Weight 470-500 g, circumference 690-710 mm. Suitable for junior teams.
  • Size 6. Weight 500-540 g, circumference 720-740 mm. Designed for playing in women's, as well as in youth teams (under the age of 16).
  • Size 7. Weight from 567 to 650 g, circumference 750-780 mm. It is used for professional games.

Now consider the materials of manufacture:

  • Rubber. Rubber balls are relatively inexpensive and work well in outdoor stadiums, but they wear out fairly quickly.
  • Synthetic leather. Balls made of this material are of better quality than those made of rubber, but the cost is also higher here. Synthetic leather is a high quality material. This leather resembles the structure of natural leather. Only high-quality raw materials are used for its production. Synthetic leather is produced using the latest technologies. Synthetic leather is highly resistant to various deformations. The ball from such material is universal. It is suitable for playing both on the street playground and in the gym. It is comfortable to hold in your hand, and it lasts a long time.
  • Composite skin. This type of leather is considered an even higher quality material. It is made by pressing from pieces of genuine leather. Composite leather refers to natural materials, since there are no raw materials of artificial origin in its composition. Composite leather balls are quite soft, so they are used exclusively for playing in gyms. The quality of such balls is not much worse than natural leather balls.
  • Leather. The best material for making basketballs is genuine leather. Leather variants are used by professional basketball players. Suitable for games only in gyms. The indoor use only and supreme leather markings mean that high-quality leather was used for the production of balls. New leather balls have a not very pleasant quality. They "stick" to the hands, so it takes a certain time for them to acquire the desired properties.
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Features of choice and purchase

Now let's talk about how to choose a basketball. Initially, you need to determine what type of coverage the game will be played on. For open areas, the outdoor type is suitable, for the gym, respectively, indoor. Determine how much the basketball weighs. We select the correct size of the basketball.

The ball must have the correct shape of a sphere, without defects in shape or surface. It is easy to assess the correctness of the shape of the ball if you spin it on your finger, on the floor or in the air. The seams on the ball must be no more than 6,35 mm in width. The color of the product must be orange or mixed (orange and light gray).

An inflated ball, when thrown from a height of 180 cm, should bounce off the surface at a distance of 120 to 140 cm. Throw the ball up, follow its rotation. He shouldn't be twisted. When hitting the floor, the ball should bounce at the same angle.

It should not be forgotten that a high price does not necessarily mean high quality. Of course, it is better not to buy balls from unknown companies. There is no guarantee that their products are of good quality. If you choose the right basketball, with proper care, it will last a long time.

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