Instrumentation in SimVolt

To analyze the indicators of water and the environment, you will need specialized devices, such as ph meters, refractometers, thermal imagers and many others. Buy these measuring instruments to symbol available at affordable prices and in a wide range. Some devices will be discussed in more detail in this article. 

Control and measuring equipment in the SimVolt company is presented from popular manufacturers around the world. Includes a line of instruments for the analysis of indicators of water and liquids, soil, air, radiation of radio magnetic waves and many others. At the same time, devices are offered both for home use and in the laboratory.  

pH meters

The concentration of hydrogen ions affects the course of many biochemical reactions in various media. To accurately determine the hydrogen indicator in a liquid, it is necessary to purchase pH meter to Simvolt at a nice price. Controlling the pH level ensures that the desired reaction can occur and that the desired result is achieved. In domestic use, such a device will show the level of acidity of running water, drinks and various foods.

A popular pH meter is needed to measure water and liquids, but there are also devices for monitoring the hydrogen content in gels and semi-solids. Such models have a special electrode, which fits perfectly into various products, for example, semi-finished products, milk, meat, fruits. There are also analyzers for soil and fertilizers. 


Modern refractometers required to determine the refractive indices of light rays in solid and liquid media. They come in different types, on which their scope depends, for example:

  1. Stationary refractometers are used to control technological processes in industry and in production.
  2. Laboratory devices are necessary for medical and chemical research in specialized institutions.
  3. Portable models are characterized by small dimensions, rubberized housing and are used in all areas of production and research, including field conditions.
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These instruments will help to make accurate measurements in many areas of activity, for example, in environmental services, agriculture, various manufacturing, industries, medical and pharmaceutical industries. At the same time, they have a compact size, attractive appearance and durable housing. Having bought any device once, it will serve you well for many years.

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