Purpose of steering racks and types of breakdowns

The maneuvers of the vehicle are controlled by the steering wheel. But it is not so much the steering wheel that turns the wheels of the car, but the whole assembly and the steering rack is the key product here. It transmits the moment of rotation to the cardan and gear shaft, and they, in turn, change the direction of the vehicle. If there are problems with this part, the operation of the car becomes impossible. Implements repair of steering racks in Odessa GIDROMASTER car service.

Signs of a bad steering rack

In order to prevent the complete failure of the mechanism, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristic signs of malfunctions and contact specialists in time. Problems are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • hum on corners;
  • fluid leakage from the hydraulic booster;
  • steering play;
  • knock on the front axle.

These are indirect signs, but if the controllability of the vehicle becomes difficult, then you should not postpone a visit to the service station, as this can be fraught with big problems when the car simply ceases to be controlled on the road.

Causes of breakdowns of the rotary mechanism in power steering and electric amplifiers

In addition to the wear of the elements of the part and the use of low-quality spare parts, a number of other reasons can lead to problems with the steering rack. Most of them are related to improper operation of the vehicle. Driving on poor-quality roads, pits and potholes has a negative effect on the node. In order to prevent trouble, it is worthwhile to regularly replace the power steering fluid and use only high-quality products. Plastic clamps that are installed after replacing the steering rods provoke corrosion.

The nature of the problems with the unit may differ from the type of power steering. The signs of breakdowns for power steering were described above, for electric amplifiers they may be different - broken bushings, breakdown of the electric drive, damage to the turn sensors. GIDROMASTER will conduct an operational steering column repair or any other model, regardless of the degree of failure. Also, experts will advise the owners on the correct operation and maintenance.

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Steering rack problems can lead to trouble on the road. Therefore, if the first signs of a malfunction occur, you should rush to the service station. Specialists will replace the entire assembly or its individual components.

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