Features of wax candles

Wax candles freshen and aromatize the air in the room. It is not only a source of light, but also a product with healing properties. You can buy ready-made products or make a beautiful candle with your own hands.

What is important to know about wax candles

Quality wax candle made from natural wax. It contains various chemicals, including natural colors and flavors. The material has good antimicrobial properties, therefore it helps to strengthen and cleanse the body. It is used for various purposes in cosmetology and medicine.

Advantages of natural beeswax candles.

  • When burning candles eliminate harmful and artificial odors, including tobacco smoke.
  • The air is refreshed and saturated with a pleasant honey aroma.
  • There is a neutralization of the negative radiation of electronic and electrical devices due to ionization processes.
  • In people who inhale the aroma of such candles, the symptoms of asthma, allergies and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract go away.
  • The aroma of wax has a positive effect on well-being and has a calming effect on the body.
  • It has also been shown to have a positive effect on concentration and attention.
  • Wax candles burn without smoke and do not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere.
  • When burning, a warm and pleasant glow is produced.

To get all of the above positive effects, it is enough for the candles to burn from 15 minutes to an hour. On sale there are products of various shapes. You can also purchase silicone molds to make your own candle. It can be a classic top hat or figurines of various objects.

For the manufacture, you can use wax or wax sheets. They are sold with honeycomb embossing. However, candles made from sheets burn out faster than those cast in molds. Nevertheless, the beautiful pattern of honeycombs attracts many craftsmen.

The burning time depends on the diameter of the candle. For safety reasons, make sure that it does not burn out completely. Be sure to use special protection to avoid a fire hazard. Ready-made wax candles are best stored in a dark, cool place.

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beekeeping shop offers to purchase consumables and molds for making candles with your own hands or ready-made products. All products have a quality certificate, so they are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

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