What are smartphone cases?

Smartphones have become so useful and sometimes even indispensable gadgets that many users literally do not let go of them. But with this mode of use, the risk of accidentally dropping and breaking the gadget is very high. To protect fragile equipment from damage, it is better to purchase a case. It is best to choose this accessory at the same time as buying smartphone in Krivoy Rog, because in this case you can immediately try it on and evaluate how comfortable and beautiful it is. In our article, we will talk about what covers for smartphones are, and the final choice is yours.

A range of cases for smartphones

The most popular varieties of these accessories include:

  1. Bumper. This model has the form of a frame covering the gadget's body around the perimeter. The corners of the bumper are thickened for better shock absorption in the event of a fall, and its edges form a small shockproof ledge around the screen and back cover. It is light, concise, allows you to admire the design of a smartphone, but provides a minimum level of protection.
  2. Cover-overlay. These models cover not only the ends of the case, but also its back surface. Their level of protection is slightly higher, but the screen is still at risk. In addition to being protective, they also serve a decorative function. They come in a variety of colors, rhinestones, and prints to help personalize your smartphone.
  3. Cover book. This type of accessory really resembles a book. To access the smartphone screen, you have to open and then close the "cover" each time. This is not always convenient, but fragile equipment in such a case is protected as much as possible. Most often, such accessories are made from genuine leather and high-quality leatherette. Men are offered models in discreet colors, while women can choose brighter and more elegant options. A variation of this cover is a flip - the same book, but with a cover that opens vertically down.
  4. Case. These covers are most often made of leather, leatherette, textiles. The smartphone is completely inserted into it, and to look at the screen or make a call, you have to take it out every time. This is not very convenient, since during such manipulations the gadget can slip out of your hands.  
  5. Case for hand. This model was developed specifically for sports lovers and active pastime. With it, you can take your smartphone for a run, bike ride or hike and not worry that the device will be lost or damaged. Cases of this type are cases that are fixed on the arm with elastic fasteners.
  6. Aquabox. Another kind of covers for those who want to lead a life full of impressions. If you are fond of diving, surfing or other water sports, then you should take a closer look at just such an accessory. In a sealed silicone case, the smartphone can be submerged under water and even take pictures on it.
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As you can see, the choice of cases for smartphones is large enough for everyone to find the right option for themselves.

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