Smart watches are indispensable in life

Smart watches are indispensable in life

Modern technology has reached such a common accessory as a watch. Now it can be not just a stylish element of the image that shows the time, but also a device for monitoring health, communication and even video calls. Such devices are called Smart Watch, which means “smart watch” in English. The famous Chinese brand Huawei also produces a new generation of wrist gadgets. The company's range includes standard fitness trackers and solid watches with many features.

What are the features of smart watches

Visually, Smart Watch resembles a regular watch. You can even install a display that is as similar as possible to the usual version. But the capabilities of smartwatches are much wider. They quickly sync with your smartphone and can perform almost all of its functions. Huawei watch come in different colors and sizes. Many models are made in the classic style with a round display and a chronograph dial, but there are also more sporty options. The strap is usually silicone or leather.

Depending on the model, smartwatches may have the following features:

  • pedometer for activity control;
  • an accelerator for collecting data on the speed of movement;
  • GPS navigation to determine the exact location;
  • barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure;
  • compass for orientation in space;
  • heart rate monitor;
  • notifications of incoming calls and messages, hands-free communication;
  • alarm clock;
  • sleep quality tracking;
  • remote smartphone search;
  • control the music player and view video on the screen;
  • calculation of calories burned based on activity.

Huawei smart watches run on the Light OS operating system and are equipped with a powerful battery that can withstand up to 14 days of active use without additional recharging.

How to choose a smart watch

In order not to miscalculate, before buying you need to decide on the following parameters:

  1. Display size and shape. It is important how comfortable the watch will be for you personally in daily wear.
  2. Matrix type: liquid crystal, organic, imitating paper. 
  3. Battery life without recharging. Pay attention to whether there is a possibility of fast charging.
  4. Design. There are classic and sporty models in different colors.
  5. Body material. There are watches with plastic and metal cases, shock-resistant and waterproof.
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Also, the Huawei brand has released a series of smartwatches for children with a cute design and cartoonish dials. With their help, you can track the exact location of the child. You can insert a SIM card into your watch and use it to make calls. Children's smartwatches are also equipped with a removal sensor: if a child removes them, parents will immediately receive a notification about this.

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