What is SHVVP cable and for what purposes is it used?


The cable with the designation SHVVP refers to multi-core electrical cables with universal use in AC networks. Distinctive sh of this type of cable are copper flexible stranded conductors in their own vinyl sheaths, located in parallel and enclosed in a common sheath also made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

The abbreviation SHVVP stands for an electric cord (Sh) with an outer vinyl sheath (B) and an inner vinyl insulation (B) of a flat (P) shape. Briefly, with decoding according to ShVVP, the cable is called as follows: vinyl-vinyl flat cord.

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The device of the cable screw screw makes its cores reliably protected by vinyl sheaths from mechanical damage, exposure to aggressive media and ultraviolet radiation. In turn, resistant to external influences, PVC insulation protects people and pets from electric shock, prevents short circuits and wiring fires. Wear resistance and flexibility allow the ball screw cable to serve for at least 6 years in mobile operation, and at least 10 years in fixed operation.

Where is the ShVVP electric cable used

The purpose of the ball screw cable is to transmit the electrical power supply of nominal values ​​to devices that do not need to transmit data signals.

The use of SHVVP cable in electrics is quite wide. Let's single out the main areas of application of this electric wire:

  1. Construction - for connecting lighting devices, electrical sockets, switches, climate control equipment and other household devices requiring power supply in residential buildings, offices, warehouses, etc.
  2. Industry - here with their help they connect the necessary low-power electrical devices, for example, measuring equipment.
  3. Network and server equipment - used to power special devices in data networks, such as routers, switches, etc.
  4. Medical equipment - used to power medical devices (electrocardiographs, defibrillators, etc.).
  5. Transport - can be used to power various devices in cars, trains, airplanes and other vehicles.
  6. Audio and video equipment - suitable for connecting devices such as speakers, microphones, mixers, etc. to the mains.
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Through the ShVVP cord it is allowed to connect electrical appliances for various purposes with a consumption not exceeding 380 V and 50 Hz.

What are the advantages of SHVVP cable

We note the following advantages of using a ball screw cable:

  • versatility - suitable for both connecting household appliances and using it as electrical wiring;
  • flexibility - withstands more than 50 thousand bends at the applied voltage of the rated voltage;
  • high heat resistance - the operational value for cable cores reaches 70 ° Celsius;
  • wide range of temperature environment - from -25° to +40° Celsius;
  • long service life of up to ten years or more due to the multi-strand and wear-resistant PVC sheaths.

Due to high reliability, excellent security and small-sized design, ShVVP cords can be found everywhere in household, office, warehouse use.

How to choose a ball screw cable according to its parameters

Characteristics of the ball screw cable, which should be considered when choosing it:

  • number of conductors - 2 or 3;
  • wire cross section - can be different from 0,5 to 4 mm2.
  • installation option - usually intended for indoor use in rooms.

Recommendations for ball screw cable selection are based on the required wire length, type of wiring (two- or three-wire with earth), and operating conditions. To ensure proper and convenient wiring, you should purchase a cable with a margin of length. The cross section of the conductors is selected depending on the load consumed and the length of the wire, and the cable must also be suitable for transmitting the required voltage.

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