Amazon Prime Day 2020 in the US: will it be this August?

Amazon Prime Day 2020 has loomed up again, and it's an event that will draw people in looking for big discounts ahead of Black Friday 2020. However, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like Prime Day may be moved this year.

When it does land, we expect to see another raft of discounts for Amazon's own brand of Echo speakers and smart displays, firewood for TVs and Fire tablets, and rising savings on its smart home products - like the camera ring.

Last year we saw some savings that didn't even hit Black Friday this year, and even found a few deals on Apple products like the Apple Watch, or Garmin fitness trackers too.

In case you're not in the know, Prime Day is the time to get some big discounts at the online store with thousands of discounted items over the period - assuming you signed up for Amazon Prime.

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Last year, Premier Members snapped up groceries during a 48-hour event with over 175 million items sold.

That's more than Amazon sold on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday mixed. This is a significant increase from an already impressive 100 million items sold during the previous Prime One Day Sale, which was an admittedly shorter event of 36 hours - but it shows the period is becoming recognized as a key time to save money.

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When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

So when will Prime Day 2020 be?' is currently the key question on the lips of every consumer looking to save money on Amazon's own products this year - according to Reuters, Amazon Prime Day will now be no earlier than August.

This translates it from its traditional July timeslot, and while the brand has yet to confirm a date for this year, it has never been dropped for this month in an effort to boost sales during that time - and has worked well before.

Depending on the impact of the virus, Prime Amazon Day 2020 will now be a little later in the year, which will have an impact on the savings offered, although how this will play out is currently unclear.

It could see buyers even offering Wilder discounts to clear inventory, or it could mean that third party sellers don't have the same savings in place as Black Friday approaches.

How long is Premier 2020 last day?

Well, it's hard to say with any degree of certainty, and in light of the latest premier 2020 move day rumors this year, it could be even bigger than expected.

Prime Day a few years ago was just that, a day, but in 2018 it moved to 36 hours, and last year it was a full two days.

We fully expected that Amazons would move to Prime Week either year, and with the rumored $100 million device due to be shifted thanks to the delay, it could very well be this year.

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We can't see Amazon shortening the time Prime Day lasts, so expect Prime Day 2020 to last at least 48 hours this year, if not more.

What is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon Prime Day Summer Sale on Amazon sites around the world, where Amazon Prime members get exclusive discounts on a wide range of products.

It's not just Amazon-branded items (although they're some of the most-buy each year), plenty of other manufacturers and third-party merchants keep their best deals for Prime Day too, knowing that the extra millions of shoppers will hit the online store.

Why is Amazon Prime Day? It is presented in the form of a neat "thank you" to its members, but one that involves giving Amazon more money and carrying over a large amount of merchandise at the same time.

You need to either sign up for a trial or be an Amazon Prime member, pays for the privilege of free, fast deliveries (although this is being slowed down to make room for essential items people order, with a sign at the top of the site saying delivery times on some items may take longer than usual) and is paid monthly or annually.

And it’s no coincidence that these are the best deals on goods from Amazon. Buy a Kindle and you'll keep buying books from Amazon.

Buy a fire TV stick, you're going to watch prime video (many of the benefits of a membership), and possibly pay an even rent. Buy a smart speaker and you're in the Alex family and helping Amazon fight the competition from rival Google Home Appliances.

amazon prime day deals

What made Prime Day 2019 special?

As we mentioned earlier, this year's Premier Sale Day was the biggest shopping event in Amazon history. Prime members worldwide saved over a billion dollars over the two day sale.

It was also the longest sale in history, running at 48 hours - that was 12 hours more than the previous year. Never outdone, Amazon surprised everyone and became a big part of the sale the day before on Sunday, unofficially making it a 60-hour event.

Amazons celebrated this year's sale event for the first time with a concert exclusively for prime members. The Amazon Concert was headlined by a certain Taylor Swift and available for streaming on Premier Music or Premier Video, as part of the promotion not only get customers excited for two days of sale, but also expand Premier membership registrations.

Amazon said it's welcoming more new prime members on July 15 than on any previous day, a 48-hour event dedicated to the biggest days for member registrations.

What's the best-selling prime-day device?

Millions of Alexa devices were purchased on Prime Day 2019, marking it the biggest event ever for Amazon devices.

The top device sales worldwide were the Echo Dot, the Fire TV Stick, and the 4K Fire TV Stick. It's also been a big day for fire tablets, and Alexa devices with screens have also been popular this year, with products like Echo and Echo 5.

Ring and blink appliances have been heavily featured this year with double the amount purchased over last year and the first time discounts on the Blink XT2 home security set.

Customers also purchased hundreds of thousands of Amazon children's devices this premiere day, such as Echo Dot Children's Edition, Fire 7 Children's Tablets and Fire HD 8 Children's Tablets.

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What products are sold mostly on Premier's Day?

Amazon devices aren't the only popular positions in the Premier Day event. The retail giant reported that over 100 lunches—000 laptops, 100 TVs, 000 headphones, 200,000 beauty luxuries, 300,000 pet products, 350,000 household detergents and more than 400,000 million toys—were bought by prime members.

A surprisingly popular item last year, Prime Members have purchased over 200 LifeStraw personal water filters on sale this year, making it the top seller in the US for the 000nd year in a row.

Other premier day bestsellers include the DUO60 Instant Pot, 23andMe's Health + Pedigree Kit, and Cross 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips kits.

Around the world on Premiere Day, bestsellers included Nintendo Switch, Roomba's iRobot robot vacuum cleaner, Sony Playstation classic consoles and JBL Bluetooth speaker to name a few.

Some interesting non-tech bestsellers included Dove Exfoliating Scrub, Coca Cola Zero Soft Drink, Powerbowl Finish Slop Tablets, and Ariel Washing Powder.

Best Amazon Day Deals of 2019

Before we look forward to Amazon Prime Day 2020, we've listed the best deals from this year's sale below. While almost everything is out of stock at the prices we saw during the July sale period, you can take a look at what deals to expect in 2020.

You can also understand that the deal will be Black Friday. While Amazon's own devices are usually reserved for the main day, you'll still see all-time-low prices on a number of other items on the site.

What are Amazon's competitors doing on Premiere Day?

Premier Day wasn't just a success for Amazon — other online retailers have joined in on the celebration with their midsummer sales. According to retail dive, large retailers (those of one billion dollars or more in annual revenue) rose 64% over the average on Monday, down last year's 54%.

This year, Walmart tried to compete with the tech giant by promoting its summer sale, which lasted all week, not just 48 hours. Called 'Great Save Sales,' Walmart discounted several popular items throughout their site and the price matched many of Amazon's best deals. Walmart also discounted Google home devices that are not available on the Amazon website. Walmart's sales also had a slight advantage over Premier Day because, unlike Amazon, the deals were available to anyone without a membership.

Other retailers who, if sold in Macy's bundle, are better off buying Target and Home Depot. eBay is even encouraging a rival "buy the crash" that would take place if Amazon's site crashed, as it did on Prime Day 2018. While Amazon's site didn't crash, it did experience technical difficulties that led eBay to open new deals.

Amazon Prime

Did something go wrong on Prime Day 2019?

While the Amazon site didn't crash into Prime Day 2019, it does experience some technical issues. For the 2nd year in a row, Prime members had trouble checking out in the first hours of sales from Amazon.

Several customers have complained that they received an "add to cart message" error when trying to check out. This happened when Amazon Prime Day officially started on Monday, and the issues seemed to be fixed later that day.

When the Prime Day was held 12 hours before the official launch time, the TechRadar team also had problems with their own offer on the device from Amazon. The sale price is listed as a pip, but once you have added the device to your cart, the discount will disappear.

The question seemed to go without saying, but it's still an annoyance that Amazon is still having trouble when last year's crash swept the world.

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