Roku launches free TV streaming service in the UK - if you can put up with the ads

If you've been looking for a free TV streaming service to fill those long days and weekends, look no further: Roku has now launched a free, ad-supported digital TV platform in the UK.

Roku Channel is not a new venture, first launched in the US in 2017. Aggregates serving free content from various sources and publishers in a simple and easy-to-navigate rock OS, giving those craving free TV a convenient place to watch all sorts of movies, TV shows, documentaries and the like.

You'll find over 60 TV channels within the service, and around 10 series and movies are available for on-demand streaming. They include home renovation shows, cooking shows, kids TV shows, family programming, true crime, and many more besides.

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The Roku channel is coming to Roku streaming devices, including Express Rock, Premium Rock, and Rock Stick+ streaming – although you'll also find Samsung Smart TVs and Hisense Roku TV devices, which launched in late 2019. It's in the sky m boxes and now streaming TV sticks out too much.

Exciting times for UK viewers

Roku has been further into the UK market lately, with big-budget TVs - on Roku TV's Hisense - now on UK shores, and Roku's latest update to OS 9.3 bringing Alexa and Google Assistant support is also dropping streamers.

The Roku channel may not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer to pay for ad-free content rather than having their browsing experience constantly interrupted (although kids shows will get significantly fewer ads). But for those after free shows, or just an addition to their existing TV streaming service subscription - Netflix, Disney Plus, and the like - the Roku channel is here.

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