Office and budget: features of the HP 250 G6 laptop

A lightweight, easy-to-use work laptop from an American brand is a worthy solution for consumers. The new generation of the popular office model is no less widespread. This is a brand new laptop HP 250 G6, which replaced the G5 modification in the manufacturer's lineup, and received a DVD drive. This is a very unconventional solution for a modern mobile device.

Visual assessment: what a new generation work laptop looks like

The case of a budget device for business is made of plastic - durable and wear-resistant, practical. Unlike the previous model, this one has no corrugation on the lid. It does not differ in high rigidity, it slightly bends in the central part. You can't open the lid with one hand. The rigidity of the hinges is at a height, which gives hope for their durability even with the constant operation of the laptop.

The battery is removable. It is easy to replace it yourself if necessary. The color scheme is dark silver. Due to the interesting shade visually, the laptop looks solid and elegant for a workhorse. The absence of daring, eye-catching elements is typical for office laptops. And the HP 250 G6 does not impress with originality. This is a classic device that is distinguished by functionality, and not a memorable exterior.

The model weighs only 1,86 kg, so you can safely take it with you if necessary. The compact device pleases with ergonomics, is archaic and has a useful set of connectors on the body, including USB-A, HDMI, audio.

More about the screen

IPS technology was not used to create a display for a budget laptop. The laptop was equipped with a TFT-matrix with moderate contrast and brightness. But for its low cost, this is not a bad decision. The screen resolution reaches 1366×768 and 1920×1080 pixels, depending on the specific modification. The matte display has a response time of 11ms and a diagonal size of up to 15,6 inches.

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Office laptop performance

Different types of processors are invariably responsible for this indicator:

  • Intel Celeron N3350;
  • Pentium N4200;
  • Core i3, i5 or i7.

To work with resource-intensive programs in multitasking mode, you can choose a progressive, powerful option. The optimal solution for many users is the Core i3-5005U with two cores and 4 GB of RAM. The Core i7 model has an integrated graphics card and 8 GB of RAM.

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