Features of the repair of coffee machines

Features of the repair of coffee machines

A coffee machine is a complex device consisting of many mechanical units, electronic modules and hydraulic systems. Like any other technique, this one can break down periodically for various reasons. This usually happens at the most unexpected and unwanted moment. It is especially unpleasant if the breakdown happened at the beginning or in the middle of a working day in a coffee shop. Then the institution cannot work fully and loses visitors. Therefore, it is important to always have at hand the contacts of someone who understands this equipment.

Repair of coffee machines in Kiev is a popular service, because coffee houses are now considered cult establishments and have many visitors throughout the day. Often a cup of fragrant, invigorating drink is also ordered by visitors to restaurants and coffee. Therefore, repairs, regardless of the nature of the breakdown, should be carried out as quickly as possible. There are a few common faults that happen frequently with any coffee machine. Keep in mind that even the most expensive equipment is not completely insured against breakdowns.

What to do if water leaks from under the horn

First, pay attention to the sealing ring. Over time, it becomes clogged with fatty deposits, and therefore may begin to leak. Then it is enough to rinse the ring and the place of its installation. The seal itself may crack or become less elastic. Ideally, it should pull out without much effort. It is enough to twist a little from the side with a screwdriver and pull it out. Sometimes you need to unscrew another mesh that fixes the stuffing box.

If the problem is the deposition of fats and salts, then you need to clean the entire machine with mandatory decalcification. A damaged or torn seal must be replaced. Also make sure the filter is clean and free of foreign particles. Otherwise, after turning on the device, it may start to leak again.

A thin jet from a nozzle or horn, accompanied by an incomprehensible whistle, hiss

Often this happens because the horn or filter is clogged with grains of coffee powder or scale. The latter can best be eliminated by decalcification. From the grains, the strainer is washed manually with a stiff brush. A regular toothpick will help clean all the holes and tubes. It does not hurt to use a special agent against coffee fats. It is also worth checking the grind size.

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