Best Email Clients: Top 5 Programs

Best Email Clients: Top 5 Programs

Electronic messages have long supplanted the letters on paper, which were actively used in the 20th century. The constant improvement of technology has led to great competition among manufacturers of email programs. Today, a wide variety of applications are offered, suitable for different operating systems and for all types of devices. A modern mail client is installed not only on a PC, but also on a particular gadget. Due to the variety of existing programs, it is necessary to highlight the best of them. So it will be easier for the user to navigate in the types of mail clients, to choose the best option for themselves. Consider first the top email clients that are most relevant. We will complete the article with a list that will include popular emails that are convenient to use.

Our top is a list of software or email programs for Windows 10.

These are the best email clients according to netizens. In total, five clients were selected, but in principle the list could be expanded. After all, certain properties or options of the program are important for each user. Therefore, the given rating of the most popular email clients is approximate. Some readers may not agree with our recommendations. However, we tried to be as objective as possible when compiling the top. So, here are the top 5 email clients.

mailbird - the program fully justifies its name, which translates as a mail bird. The main qualities of the application - the ultimate ease of use with support for multiple email accounts. Simple key combinations are supported, there is a search function for labels and folders. It also offers support for HTML email.

The main advantages of this mail program:

  • aesthetically pleasing interface;
  • ease and flexibility of settings;
  • the creators of the program have made every effort to automate user actions in many cases (you can create a template for a prompt response to a letter and much more);
  • there is a function to import mailboxes into this program;
  • Mailbird is compatible with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google Calendar;
  • support in many languages;
  • attachment search option and much more.
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The program is available for free and paid.

Mail program Client. There is no wide range of options here. Instead, the user is offered:

  • extreme minimalism of settings;
  • simple and intuitive control;
  • Skype integration;
  • the ability to use the free version, but its potential is limited to two accounts.

The beauty of the mail app is that it has everything you need. It's a calendar, contacts, task manager, live chat between users. At the same time, there is nothing superfluous.

Microsoft Outlook included in the standard Microsoft Office package. It can be purchased as a subscription or as a standalone product. This mail client is a typical example of all inclusive. In addition to the many features of the top-level mail program, the following are available here:

  • the calendar;
  • the ability to save contacts and create different notes;
  • friendly and user friendly interface.

If used correctly, the program can become a good helper for every day due to the large number of options, settings, etc. To work with a client, you can not use a domain address, since almost all mail services are supported.

Thunderbird (Mozilla) - the original client, which has the ability to expand, like a web browser. Another feature of the application is the presence of a powerful spam filter. There is an integrated RSS feed reader. In general, the product is approved by many users as well as professional developers. It works very clearly, so there should be no complaints about its functioning.

OperaMail. This mail application has the following features:

  • easy setup;
  • multiple accounts can be created;
  • simplicity of the interface and the entire client as a whole;
  • there is a spam filter (with the learning option);
  • the ability to use for free;
  • support for various types of mail services.

It is worth noting that the interface is not ultra-modern, it is rather functional.

Now let's look at the list, which includes e-mail programs that are worthy in all respects.

metro mail. Modern design program with flexible settings. It can function autonomously. It can be used not only for the tenth Windows on a PC, but also on mobile devices that have Windows 10 Mobile. The mail client allows you to create multiple accounts. There is support for HTML email. The high degree of reliability of the application has ensured its success among many users.

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Mail for Windows 10. The program is extremely minimalistic, but at the same time convenient. There is no such multitasking as Outlook, but the interface is extremely clear and easy to use. A feature of the Microsoft product is that there is support for extended notifications in Windows 10. This makes it possible to write a response to a received message only from its notification.

Yahoo! Product from Yahoo! designed to work with Yahoo mail accounts. This program is easy to use, it has an intuitive interface. There are push notifications and Start Live Tiles. Application customization is available using photos located on Flickr. Therefore, you can achieve a unique look of the program, make it individually to your taste.

AOL Program. The purpose of this software does not have a specialization purely related to e-mail. It is more of a hub for AOL. The application allows you to quickly connect to a roundup of the latest news using AOL News. You can also watch certain videos on AOL Video. Whatever it was, the program has support for AOL Mail. The user in this case receives the skills of interacting with e-mail, plus other functions that are not related to mail are available to him.

touch mail. The singularity of the program lies in the original way of ordering written messages. All correspondence is divided into contacts. Each email message is represented as a separate tile. There is support for multiple accounts. It is also suggested to use any filters that the user may need. The client was originally created for tablets with the tenth Windows. Therefore, the interface here is adapted for touch control. The program is available for free and paid.

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