TOP-5 translators into English

TOP-5 translators into English

Knowledge of English is now needed for various purposes. For example, for traveling abroad, communicating with people from other countries, as well as for business. Not all people have the ability to learn foreign languages. Some people just don't have time for it. In any case, it is worth having a convenient and useful assistant who will instantly translate a particular word, sentence, phrase. Now there are programs that can be used online or as applications by downloading them to a PC, a gadget. Let's talk about those translators from English, which today are considered the most accurate, effective and popular among users. For the convenience of readers, a kind of rating of programs recognized as optimal for use was compiled. So, we present to your attention the top translators.

Here you can not only translate an English word or phrase. It is also possible to translate an entire web page into Russian and another language. The program works quickly, it is considered the leader of all currently existing translators. In addition to ENGLISH, the system recognizes 100 other languages. Available to work with Google Translate through voice commands.

Benefits of Google Translate:

  • the ability to translate not only a single word, but also a document;
  • the application is able to recognize, in addition to printed text and voice commands, handwritten characters, translates signs and inscriptions by pointing the gadget's camera at them.

Of the minuses of Google Translate, one can name the fact that this translator does not cope well with long phrases and journalistic texts.

"Yandex translate"

Another best online translator is Yandex. Some users consider it the #1 service. It's hard to disagree with them. Indeed, Yandex.Translate does not just translate this or that word. It carefully takes into account each new word entered, depending on the context, changes the result. That is why the service is one of the best in terms of machine translation of texts, documents, sentences and web pages. The system can recognize slightly fewer languages ​​than Google Translate. Nevertheless, Yandex.Translate is the best translator to and from English in many cases.

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You can translate texts both online and offline. Moreover, the latter method is more convenient in this case. The translator can be installed free of charge on a computer, a gadget for private use. For corporate access, the application is paid. The program recognizes 75 languages. She is very effective as a translator from English. 2000 dictionaries and glossaries are available here. A thesaurus, a collection of online dictionaries, and webmaster tools are offered.


This program is approved by both users and experts in the translation industry. The advantage of the development lies in the fact that it was released by a company that has existed for a very long time - since 1968. This organization specializes in the development of machine translation algorithms and is considered the world leader in this field. This is one of the best online translators from English to English. It has the same useful features as Yandex.Translate or Google Translate.

The program is also popular because its creators are known for coming up with an automated conversion for Samsung electronic devices.

SYSTRAN is able to work with a solid language base. It accepts approximately 68 languages. It has built-in dictionaries. Another program has the function of observing grammar rules. The software can be used for free, but in order to use all the functionality, you need to register.

The last online review translator is It is a product released by PROMPT. The development was released in 1998. Since then, the service has been a leader among competitors on the network. Here you can translate several dozen language pairs. Support for 17 languages ​​is offered. You can translate a text file, a website. It is possible to use the software from a mobile device.

The service includes dictionaries, takes grammar into account. It has high accuracy and correctness of translation.

Development advantages:

  • ideal for students of schools and universities, as it most closely translates specialized texts;
  • the program does a good job of translating standard English phrases;
  • will easily select English analogues for idioms and specific phrases of Russian speech.
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The disadvantages of PROMPT are the lack of personalization, there is a limit on the size of text files by the number of characters.

It should be noted that not all services that exist today are included in this rating. For example, such programs as Bing, Babelfish, Perevod on the iua portal are also popular. There are also such services as M-translate, iTranslate and others.

What should I do if I need an Oxford translator? In this case, we recommend that you use the Oxford Dictionary of English. This application is not exactly a translator. This is the most complete and accurate modern dictionary. The program can be used by students of higher educational institutions, specialists who often have to work with foreign texts. The dictionary includes over 350 thousand words, idioms, phrases, etc. The application has a lot of convenient and useful options. It can be used on any gadget.

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