Which air conditioner to choose: window or wall?

Which air conditioner to choose: window or wall?

In the summer, a fan does not always save you from the heat, the destiny of which is to drive hot air around the room. If you still need to lower the temperature in the residential sector, then it is better to use profile air conditioning systems. The best and quite comfortable can be considered window and wall versions.

The former are valued for their monoblock configuration, in which a condenser, evaporator and rotary compressor are assembled into a single unit. The system is pre-evacuated, then the exact amount of R410a refrigerant is pumped in and sealed. If such an air conditioner is periodically washed from dirt, then it will surely last for decades.
These monoblocks are valuable in terms of lightweight installation, they are valuable for a not very high level of noise pressure (up to 55 dB), they provide air admixture in summer, and vice versa in winter, they guarantee space heating. Considering that the latest versions of window air conditioners have a solid cooling capacity (up to 18 BTU/h), which in real life guarantees cooling of a room of more than 000 m50, and the energy consumption is slightly more than 2 kWh, one thing becomes clear - they are still considered popular in the domestic sector.

The above versions have disadvantages - an increased level of noise pressure and the possibility of blocking the window opening. These shortcomings are completely devoid of wall-mounted models of air conditioners, in which a separate type of architecture is used, in which the compressor part of the unit and the hair dryer are installed separately. Thanks to this technology, the cooling power level reaches a solid value of 24 BTU / h, which in reality guarantees effective cooling of a room of at least 000 m70. Indicators in terms of noise pressure from a running hair dryer often do not exceed 2 dB, and when turned on in night mode, the noise drops to 45 dB, which is an order of magnitude lower than the background values.

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Most of the wall-mounted models are equipped with rotary compressor models that can work confidently at a voltage of 175-250 V, but if the voltage in the household network periodically drops to 145 V, it makes sense to purchase a similar air conditioner, but with an added voltage stabilizer in the external compressor unit. But the best can be safely considered models with an inverter "heart", which works extremely economically and guarantees reduced pressure on the entire refrigeration system, as a result of which the latter, with regular care and refueling with freon, can last for decades.

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