Universal equipment for SMAS-lifting and getting rid of defects on the face

Among other highly visible defects that can appear on the face, it is customary to distinguish rosacea. This disease is accompanied by the appearance of rosacea, which outwardly resemble inflammation of the dermis. The disease in question is characterized not only by reddening of the skin, but also by the formation of a capillary network. At the same time, a red rash is observed not only on the nose, forehead, but also in the cheeks, on the cheekbones. This type of skin disease can occur at the age of 30+, while progressing and aggravating over the years.

Therefore, the MEDICALASER company offers a whole catalog of special equipment on the market. It will be available on the website. https://medicalaser.com.ua/katalog-tovarov/apparaty-po-proceduram/smas-lifting/ in the categories of special equipment, having become more familiar with the features of the factory configuration and the functionality of HIFU Sofia models. Special equipment for cosmetic, caring procedures to improve the condition of the dermis, designed for professional SMAS lifting.

Symptoms of rosacea and effective disposal of defects on the face 

Rosacea can occur when there is a sudden reddening of the skin on the cheeks, forehead, or nose. In such areas, over time:

  • small vessels may form;
  • a visually noticeable mesh is formed with burning symptoms;
  • a rash is usually observed, which outwardly resembles acne.

In addition to the ocular form of this disease, which is observed on the eyelids, under the eyes, it is customary to distinguish other types: phymatous (tubercles on the skin of the nose, forehead), papulo-pustular (rash on the cheeks and wings of the nose) and erythematous-telangiectatic (erythema with redness of the dermis on cheeks and nostrils). More information about this disease can be found by clicking on the link provided. https://medicalaser.com.ua/blog/omolozhenie-kozhi/rozatsea-kak-izbavitsja-ot-rozatsea-navsegda/ to the site.

Causes of Rosacea

This type of common disease of the dermis of the face can have several causes and be characterized by certain factors in the appearance of inflammation. It is worth clarifying the most common of them:

  1. Intestinal bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which can provoke the appearance of stomach ulcers.
  2. Elevated estrogen levels are hormonal imbalances.
  3. Decreased immunity level.
  4. Violations of functions and sores in the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Formation and activation of mites on the skin.
  6. The presence of frequent stressful situations.
  7. Frequent visits to the bath or being in the active sun.
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All this indicates that the doctor must initially diagnose the root cause, find and identify all the factors that provoke the manifestations of inflammation on the skin. Only after that, the specialized specialist will be able not only to develop a set of the most effective measures to get rid of redheads, but also competently prescribe hardware treatment. After all, therapeutic methods, methods and techniques are not always able to solve existing problems with an age-related or tired dermis.

What are the advantages of universal devices for SMAS lifting? 

Special equipment designed for cosmetic procedures - lifting, rejuvenation, allows centers, spa salons:

  • use modern technologies and gentle methods of dealing with dermal defects in the system;
  • perform not only an ultrasonic SMAS-lifting at a professional level to ensure a full facelift, but also to bring the décolleté and hips in full order;
  • avoid surgical intervention if you need to perform a face-lift, but at the same time avoid traumatic effects, skin incisions.

It is important to initially adhere to proper facial skin care or use therapeutic treatment, which should be prescribed by a doctor after examination and testing. As a fight against rosacea, not only antiseptic / antibacterial agents can be prescribed, but also drugs in the form of azelaic acid. But in combination with therapy, drug or hardware treatment is often used if laser therapy is required. This applies to cases when an advanced form of the sore is observed or a rash is traced against the background of hormonal failure.

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